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2009.05.06 06:03

Fractal Bands - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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Following a modelisation of the price variation by Fractional Brownian Motion, this indicator increases the width the Bollinger Bands in order to avoid (or minimize) false signals (of entry or exit). For a more complete explanation, please see my blog:

Here is what this indicator looks like for a speed of the FRASMA ( set to 30. The red indicator is the Fractal Bands, and the blue is the Bollinger Bands (with a speed set to 30 as well), below is the Fractal Graph dimension (

Gandalf_PRO Gandalf_PRO

The EA well trades on "fat" sites of a trend on periods H4 and D - EURUSD.The input in the market occurs on the basis of two-parametrical Exponential Smoothings Time Series.

News_Plotter News_Plotter

This indicator displays lines on the chart corresponding to upcoming news events. Customizable.

Automatic Update the chart you drag it to Automatic Update the chart you drag it to

action just like pressing home key, esc to exit,

Fractional Bands Fractional Bands

A modification of the Bollinger Bands, in the same spirit as the Fractal Bands, but using a mathematically more precise equation