Reserve Bank of India Monetary Policy Report

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The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) publishes the Monetary Policy Report twice a year, in April and October. It is one of the main publications of the country's central bank, featuring the most important economic indicators.

The report is a detailed document covering all aspects of the monetary policy implemented by the Reserve Bank of India. It also describes the rationale for adopted decisions. The report consists of several sections. Section "Macroeconomic Outlook" touches upon the main economic indicators and provides outlook for CPI-based inflation and GDP changes, as well as it considers national and global economic factors which affect the above indicators.

Further sections contain the descriptions of the main economic indicators, such as prices and inflation, as well as demand and output. The section entitled "Financial Markets and Liquidity Conditions" deals with domestic financial markets and liquidity management. The final section analyzes external circumstances affecting the economy, i.e. global economic conditions, commodity prices and global financial markets.

If the report indicates a positive assessment of the current economic situation and contains positive outlooks, the publication may favorably affect Indian rupee quotes.