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MQL4 Programming Articles

Here you can find articles on MQL4 - programming language of trading strategies. Most of them are written by traders and active members of For more convenience, all articles are grouped into several categories - Experts, Indicators, Trading Systems, etc.

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MetaEditor:Templates as a Spot to Stand On

It may be news to many our readers that all preparations for writing an EA can be performed once and then used continuously.

Expert Advisors Based on Popular Trading Systems and Alchemy of Trading Robot Optimization (Cont.)

In this article the author continues to analyze implementation algorithms of simplest trading systems and describes some relevant details of using optimization results. The article will be useful for...

Fallacies, Part 1: Money Management is Secondary and Not Very Important

The first demonstration of testing results of a strategy based on 0.1 lot is becoming a standard de facto in the Forum. Having received "not so bad" from professionals, a beginner sees that "0.1"...

Comparative Analysis of 30 Indicators and Oscillators

The article describes an Expert Advisor that allows conducting the comparative analysis of 30 indicators and oscillators aiming at the formation of an effective package of indexes for trading.

Expert Advisors Based on Popular Trading Systems and Alchemy of Trading Robot Optimization

This article dwells on implementation algorithm of simplest trading systems. The article will be useful for beginning traders and EA writers.

Metalanguage of Graphical Lines-Requests. Trading and Qualified Trading Learning

The article describes a simple, accessible language of graphical trading requests compatible with traditional technical analysis. The attached Gterminal is a half-automated Expert Advisor using in...

Easy Way to Publish a Video at MQL4.Community

It is usually easier to show, than to explain. We offer a simple and free way to create a video clip using CamStudio for publishing it in forums.

An Expert Advisor Made to Order. Manual for a Trader

Not all traders are programmers. And not all of the programmers are really good ones. So, what should be done, if you need to automate your system by do not have time and desire to study MQL4?

Using MetaTrader 4 for a Time Based Pattern Analysis

Time based pattern analysis can be used in the currency market to determine a better time to enter a trade or time in which trading should be avoided at all.Here we use MetaTrader 4 to analyze history...

Equivolume Charting Revisited

The article dwells on the method of constructing charts, at which each bar consists of the equal number of ticks.

Betting Modeling as Means of Developing "Market Intuition"

The article dwells on the notion of "market intuition" and ways of developing it. The method described in the article is based on the modeling of financial betting in the form of a simple game.

MQL4 Language for Newbies. Custom Indicators (Part 2)

This is the fifth article from the series "MQL4 Languages for Newbies". Today we will learn to use graphical objects - a very powerful development tool that allows to widen substantially possibilities...

Displaying a News Calendar

This article contains the description of writing a simple and convenient indicator displaying in a working area the main economic events from external Internet resources.

Indicator Taichi - a Simple Idea of Formalizing the Values of Ichimoku Kinko Hyo.

Hard to interpret Ichimoku signals? This article introduces some principles of formalizing values and signals of Ichimoku Kinko Hyo. For visualization of its usage the author chose the currency pair...

MQL4 Language for Newbies. Custom Indicators (Part 1)

This is the fourth article from the series "MQL4 Languages for Newbies". Today we will learn to write custom indicators. We will get acquainted with the classification of indicator features, will see...

Terminal Service Client. How to Make Pocket PC a Big Brother's Friend

The article describes the way of connecting to the remote PC with installed MT4 Client Terminal via a PDA.

Object Approach in MQL

This article will be interesting first of all for programmers both beginners and professionals working in MQL environment. Also it would be useful if this article were read by MQL environment...

Trading Strategy Based on Pivot Points Analysis

Pivot Points (PP) analysis is one of the simplest and most effective strategies for high intraday volatility markets. It was used as early as in the precomputer times, when traders working at stocks...

Automated Choice of Brokerage Company for an Efficient Operation of Expert Advisors

It is not a secret that for an efficient operation of Expert Advisors we need to find a suitable brokerage company. This article describes a system approach to this search. You will get acquainted...

MT4TerminalSync - System for the Synchronization of MetaTrader 4 Terminals

This article is devoted to the topic "Widening possibilities of MQL4 programs by using functions of operating systems and other means of program development". The article describes an example of a...

Automated Optimization of a Trading Robot in Real Trading

The articles describes and provides a library of functions that allows a trader to optimize his or her Expert Advisor's inputs by launching optimization directly from the EA.

Can the Forex Market Be Forecasted? How to Create One's Own Trading Strategy?

Everyone starting to work in Forex tries to answer these questions. But not everyone finds the answer, even after many years of hard work and search. I personally have answered this question, as well...

Transferring an Indicator Code into an Expert Advisor Code. Conclusion

This is the final article, devoted to transferring an indicator code into an Expert Advisor code. Here the author transforms on a certain example a code of an Expert Advisor so, that this EA is...

Using Skype to Send Messages from an Expert Advisor

The article deals with the ways of how to send internal messages and SMSes from an Expert Advisor to mobile phones using Skype.

Transferring an Indicator Code into an Expert Advisor Code. General Structural Schemes of an Expert Advisor and Indicator Functions

This article dwells on the ways of transferring an indicator code into an Expert Advisor Code and on writing Expert Advisors with no calling to custom indicators, and with the whole program code for...

Problems of Technical Analysis Revisited

At present, technical analysis along with the fundamental one is the most important method to analyze stock market. Being one of the predicting methods of stock market pricing dynamics, the technical...

Transferring an Indicator Code into an Expert Advisor Code. Indicator Structure

This article dwells on the ways of transferring an indicator code into an Expert Advisor Code and on writing Expert Advisors with no calling to custom indicators, and with the whole program code for...

MetaTrader 4 Working under Antiviruses and Firewalls

The most of traders use special programs to protect their PCs. Unfortunately, these programs don't only protect computers against intrusions, viruses and Trojans, but also consume a significant amount...

Indicator Alternative Ichimoku – Setup, Examples of Usage

How to set up Alternative Ichimoku correctly? Read the description of parameters setting up. The article will help you understand the methods of setting up parameters not only of the indicator...

How to Make the Detection and Recovery of Errors in an Expert Advisor Code Easier

In Export Advisors development, the questions of code errors detection and recovery are very important. The peculiarity is that a not detected in time error may ruin a precious idea of a trading...

Three-Dimensional Graphs - a Professional Tool of Market Analyzing

In this article we will write a simple library for the construction of 3D graphs and their further viewing in Microsoft Excel. We will use standard MQL4 options to prepare and export data into *.csv...

Practical Application of Cluster Indicators in FOREX

Cluster indicators are sets of indicators that divide currency pairs into separate currencies. Indicators allow to trace the relative currency fluctuation, determine the potential of forming new...

Break Through The Strategy Tester Limit On Testing Hedge EA

An idea of testing the hedge Expert Advisors using the strategy tester.

Trading Using Linux

The article describes how to use indicators to watch the situation on financial markets online.

Filtering by History

The article describes the usage of virtual trading as an integral part of trade opening filter.

How Not to Fall into Optimization Traps?

The article describes the methods of how to understand the tester optimization results better. It also gives some tips that help to avoid "harmful optimization".

Universal Expert Advisor Template

The article will help newbies in trading to create flexibly adjustable Expert Advisors.

Principles of Time Transformation in Intraday Trading

This article contains the concept of operation time that allows to receive more even price flow. It also contains the code of the changed moving average with an allowance for this time transformation.

How To Implement Your Own Optimization Criteria

In this article an example of optimization by profit/drawdown criterion with results returned into a file is developed for a standard Expert Advisor - Moving Average.

Technical Analysis: Make the Impossible Possible!

The article answers the question: Why can the impossible become possible where much suggests otherwise? Technical analysis reasoning.