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Johnpaul77 Signal Providers: "Our Strategy Remains Profitable for More Than Three Years Now. So Why Would We Change It?"

Johnpaul77 Signal Providers: "Our Strategy Remains Profitable for More Than Three Years Now. So Why Would We Change It?"

MetaTrader 5Trading | 11 July 2014, 16:22
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Let us reveal a little secret: website visitors spend most of their time on Johnpaul77 signal's page. It is a leader of our rating having about 900 subscribed traders with the total funds of $5.7 million on real accounts. We have interviewed the signal's providers. As it turned out, there are four of them! How are duties distributed among the team members? What technical tools do they use? Why do they call themselves John Paul? And finally, how have common gamers from Indonesia become providers of the top signal on Find out all that in the article.

Hello! Could you please introduce yourself and your team members?

My name is Tito Hayunanda and the rest of our trader's team are Lorry Marthias, Hendro Sasmito and Levi Giovanni. 

The name of John Paul is an alias. Why did you take it?

John Paul is actually our "God Father" who gathered us in one team five years ago. He is the one who taught us everything about Forex business. We used to be gamers, and as the time goes by, we are more dedicated to trading than to doing business. We took his name in recognition of his invaluable help.

What attracts you in Forex and social trading?

There are three reasons why we have chosen Forex:

  1. Two-way opportunities investment
    In Forex, we are able to adapt to the market conditions, no matter if they are bullish or bearish. Any other investment puts us on hope and makes us pray for price increases. It is too dependent on other people, we assume. In short, only in Forex we can really ignore the economic conditions and conduct maneuvers to follow the fluctuations.

  2. The most liquid investment
    In Forex, we can quickly disburse our funds whenever we need that. Even some brokers can transfer the funds in a few minutes. Its 24-hour market makes it even more beautiful, since we can always receive the current market price without the need to bargain with others.

  3. High-return investment
    Some might say that Forex is a high-risk and high-return investment. We believe it is because they don't use a proper risk management. If they do, then it could become a low-risk and high-return investment. In a year, we are able to get at least 50% of return. What kind of investment could possibly be higher than that?

Please note that we always say "investment" because it really is. At least, that's how we treat it, while most people don't. It's not a "get-rich-quickly" business, in which we can judge the results day by day. It becomes a "get-poor-quickly" business instead for those who chase fabulous profits. Maybe that is the reason why we have survived in this industry until now. To be honest, we were surprised to know that it is so hard to find a portfolio older than 2 years. Surprisingly, our account is the oldest one in MQL5!

We think that social trading is the best solution not only for Forex industry, but also for the entire investment world. It has grown into a fully controlled investment. Thanks to social trading, now all investors are connected to each other, and they can have full control of their assets with their own suitable risk.

Tito Hayunanda 

Tito Hayunanda, trader and leader of Traders Family

So, you are a team of traders. But who exactly controls your account monitored at Trading Signals? Is it managed by one or several persons?

The current account on is managed by me and Hendro. However, we combine the analysis from all four of us, so that we are able to detect every possible opportunity. After we all do our analysis, Hendro and I choose, which pair to trade. For the most part (95%), we rely on technical analysis.

How different is your forecast compared to the ones of your team members?

We all do technical analysis, and then we correlate it with the economic news to estimate the usual daily range. We apply different methods - some of us use chart patterns, while others may prefer candlestick patterns. Finally, we combine all analysis and decide on the best way to enter the market based on risk/reward ratio. Basically, we trade only when the risk is worth it.

I am sure that many traders are already anticipating my next question. What tools of technical analysis do you use?

Believe it or not, we only apply the most basic strategy everyone forgets about - support and resistance levels. We just use horizontal lines and that's it. 

Hendro Sasmito

Hendro Sasmito, head analyst of Traders Family

Could you please be more specific on how you make your decisions? Suppose that today is May 1, and I think that EURUSD will go up for 300 points. However, one of my team mates believes that the pair will go down, while the third one has his own idea. But finally, we are still able to come up with a trading decision: "Buy EURUSD with Take Profit of 100 points". Can you provide such an example from your everyday activity? 

Yes, we can. Suppose that one of us thinks that EURUSD is still in a bullish trend with the movement of 70 points based on the normal daily range. But then the second guy detects a double top chart pattern. After that pattern is fulfilled, the price movement becomes bigger, while the risk usually decreases. In that case, we prefer to put a Sell Limit order at the double top level instead of following the bullish trend. Basically, we are working intraday, so we do not really focus on long-term trends.

Why have you chosen these analytical tools instead of others (for instance, Bill Williams tools)? Do you think your strategy is better than others?

We have been using this strategy for more than 3 years now, and it remains profitable so far. So why would we change it? Besides, the tools you have mentioned are not able to detect daily range changes and major economic events. 

Levi Giovanni

Levi Giovanni, analyst

Why do you need a team? It seems to me, that all this can be made by one person, while the most part of the analysis can be performed by an Expert Advisor.

A single person may conduct a good analysis and make a trading decision. But there is also an emotional side that matters as well. That is why we always need other team members to remind us of controlling ourselves. As for Expert Advisors, we see that many traders trust them too much. But as I have already said, no trading robot or an indicator is able to detect daily range changes. Manual labor is always very expensive, isn't it?

You are doing very well for a long time now receiving much profit from trading. Why have you decided to distribute your trading signals and thus, share your results with other traders?

We are traders, and what we need is a good broker. The reputation of Forex industry is worsening with each passing day, especially in our country (Indonesia). We simply want to prove that real traders actually exist, and trading for a living is not a dream. Some might say that only 5% of traders can survive in this industry. Hopefully, by distributing our signals, we can change that 5% into whatever possible bigger number. We believe that we can change the current public image of Forex industry. 

Lorry Marthias

Lorry Marthias, trader

However, you have set a price for your signal. Have you done this deliberately?

Initially, the signal was free, but we have received negative reviews from people reacting vehemently to every trade we made. Most of them could not afford the losses. Therefore, we have set the price. Now, only those who are willing to spend money and aware of the risk can follow our signal and leave comments about it. But we still keep the monthly subscription fee at the lowest possible level. We are not naive. If we can get extra income without extra effort, we see no reason why not to do it. By pricing our signals, we feel more responsibility for every trade we make. That helps us to enhance our trading skills and moves us closer to our cherished dream of becoming hedge fund managers.

You have mentioned bad reputation of Forex industry in Indonesia. Why don't you choose a broker from another country then? 

We did, but had the similar experience. Besides, it is more convenient to trade locally because we can simply visit our broker's office in case there is a problem. By the way, even an international broker behaved unfairly towards us a couple of years ago.

Suppose that you have a lot of subscribers from different countries, and they ask you to change the broker for more convenience. Will you comply? 

Indeed, many of our subscribers are constantly asking us to change the broker. However, it would be unreasonable for us to do so, since the broker's trading conditions suit our system well. We feel comfortable enough with our current brokerage company, since they never interrupt our trades and have no problems with payments - that is the most important.

Thank you for your interesting answers, Tito. We wish you good luck and many new subscribers!

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rama22ahmadi | 6 Dec 2014 at 10:14
glad Indonesian Trader :3 mew
Edward Salas
Edward Salas | 2 Mar 2015 at 06:19

Weren't these guys absolute scamsters?!

They got busted doctoring up fictitious trades.

Charles Dermawan
Charles Dermawan | 17 Nov 2015 at 14:04
arief adianto:

They are Indonesian traders and their signal is recommended by many Indonesian forex brokers. Awesome !!

<removed by moderator>

Congratulation to you Johnpaul77 team and salute ... !!

I don't think so. I'm Indonesian and i said, stay away from this guy.
I Ketut Sudiana
I Ketut Sudiana | 25 May 2016 at 03:02
For new or professional traders, support and resistance is important. but if just use this strategy, maybe you need have money like bank. a lot of drowdown and hight risk. the support and ressistance is better if you use with trend following strategy.
[Deleted] | 25 May 2016 at 16:55
I don't think you can make ficticious trades, but I've seen many providers make a ficticious profit. There's a way to manipulate how MQL5 measures the profit, so subscribers need to carefully analyze all metrics and past profits before subscribing.
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