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Volume Fractals

Fractal is one of the main indicators in a number of strategies. Volume Fractals has expanded the functionality of the standard indicator version. The product features fractals sorting and displaying fractals representing both price and volume extreme points.


  1. Stop losses
  2. Reversal signals
  3. Placing pending orders for a fractal breakout


  • Bars of history - number of chart bars the indicator is displayed for
  • Left side minimum bars - minimum number of bars to the left of the fractal candle
  • Right side minimum bars - minimum number of bars to the right of the fractal candle
  • Show all fractals - display all fractals together with superfractals
  • Alert of a new Volume Fractal - audio alert when a new high-volume fractal appears

Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

I will also be glad to get feedback on my other products.

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