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Script for quickly determining the time offset of your broker's server relative to GMT.

For correct operation in the strategy tester, many Expert Advisors require GMT time to be entered in the settings for the terminal where testing is being performed. Developers are forced to enter the GMT offset for testing separately, as such functions are not provided in the tester. This script can help quickly determine the time offset in your terminal relative to GMT.


Day light saving time for your broker - set true if your broker switches to daylight saving time, and false otherwise.

Information Display

Day light saving time - shows if daylight savings time is currently observed by the broker.

Winter time GMT offset for this terminal - time offset of your terminal relative to GMT, excluding daylight saving time.

Current GMT offset for this terminal - the current time offset of the terminal relative to GMT, including daylight saving time.

Current terminal time - the current terminal time.

Time GMT - GMT time.

Frank B
Frank B 2018.07.31 22:20 

Thanks for the free Utility

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2018.06.12 16:05 

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