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Scalper gun

Scalper gun - the main weapon for trade in scalping and swing, with visualization and alert of entry points. The indicator works in both trend and non-trend market conditions. Suitable for beginners and experienced traders.

SCALPER GUN surpasses popular top indicators of this site in speed, quality of visualization and accuracy of entry !!!
Before buying, download the Scalper gun demo and compare it with similar indicators for scalping in the MT4 tester.


  1. This is a complete trading system with visualization of entry points.
  2. Suitable for scalping and swing in both trend and non-trend markets.
  3. Low risk inputs.
  4. Do not redraw the chart.
  5. The system is easy to configure and use.
  6. The minimum CPU load.
  7. Pop-up sound alerts, push notifications and email alerts.

How to use

When you install the indicator on the chart, you will see two lines. The yellow thick slow line is the "Slow line" . The thin dark blue fast line is "Fast line" .

Slow line is used to determine the main trend. If it is 100% or has a tendency to grow, then the trend is up. If it is 0% or has a downward trend, then the trend is down.

Fast line is used only to enter the market, in case of crossing one of the levels Low (20%), Center (50%), High (80%). BUY - crossing the level from bottom to top, SELL - from top to bottom;

BUY entry point

Slow line (yellow thick) is equal to 100% or more Low (20%) and tends to grow;

Fast line (dark blue thin) crossed the Low level upwards (20%);

Entry Point SELL

Slow line (yellow thick) is 0% or less Low (80%) and tends to decline;

Fast line (dark blue thin) crossed the High level from top to bottom (80%);

More in the screenshots.


  • - - - - - - - Fast line (F) - - - - - - -
  • Fast line period - the period of the fast signal line
  • Fast line smoothing - smoothing period of the fast signal line
  • Calculation method (HL - 0, OC - 1) - method for calculating lines from high / low or open / close

  • - - - - - - - Slow line (S) - - - - - - - -
  • Slow line period - the period of the slow trend line
  • Slow line smoothing - the period of smoothing the slow trend line

  • - - - - - - - Display - - - - - - -
  • Trend markers - display trend direction markers on the indicator chart
  • Show levels - display levels of the indicator chart
  • High trigger level% - upper overbought level
  • Low trigger level% - low oversold level
  • Center trigger level 50% - display of the central level
  • History bars - drawing the indicator on the number of bars

  • - - - - Alerts (Trend markers = ON) - - - - Attention! All alerts work only when Trend markers = ON

  • Alert - enable alert on alert for trend entry
  • Push notification - enable push alerts for trend entry
  • Email - enable email alerts about the entry point by trend


If you have already purchased the Scalper gun indicator, email me private message in any language with the word "Bonus" and get the required POC_levelindicator in the trade for free !!!


Before you buy, test the demo version of Scalper gun for your currency pair in the MT4 tester.

I would appreciate your reviews and any feedback on product improvements.

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