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EA GridInChannel

GridInChannel is a professional system of trading inside a channel using active visual control panel. The EA places a grid according to the specified parameters. It trades inside the channel which is manually plotted using a trend line.

The main concept: while th price is inside the channel and the "start/stop trade" button is pressed, the EA opens an order grid in the direction of the specified channel.

Expert Advisor Features:

  • Opening orders within the specified range. The range is set using the trend channel, can be limited by the Top Price and Bottom Price, time limit is also possible
  • Parameter visualization - the visual panel allows to reconfigure the trading of the EA at any time, it can be minimized and placed to any point of the chart for convenience.
  • Opening auxiliary orders according to the grid principle, with a common averaging and simultaneous closing when reaching the target profit - the grid take profit.
  • Three grid display modes: limit orders for all the grid, no limit orders, one limit order - the one after the current open order.
  • Trailing and scalping - on condition that only the first order of the grid is opened.
  • Taking screenshots - 800х600 screenshot after opening every new order
  • E-mail notifications - after opening a new grid
  • Alternate testing and optimization of the parameters - in the continuous buy or continuous sell mode during non-visual testing and optimization.
  • Extended Statistics in EA log - the EA log has a lot of additional statistics on the operation of the EA
  • Trading a single order with a stop loss - set MaxLimit=o and get traditional trading without averaging.
  • Optimal code - better performance of the EA and minimum load on the terminal

Description of Expert Advisor Parameters

For convenience, added labels to some parameters:

[VSL] - this parameter will have priority in the visual panel. It means that if this parameter is changed on the visual panel, the Expert Advisor will act based on the data of the visual panel. Press the RESET button to revert to the initial settings.

[D] - this parameter must be different for symbols with numbers of decimal places.

  • [D] Width Channel [VSL] - channel width
  • [D] First Grid Step [VSL] - initial step of the grid
  • StepExponent [VSL] - grid step multiplier
  • MaxLimit [VSL] - number of grid orders
  • Minimum percentage of free margin - if the percentage of the free margin is less than this value, trades will not be opened
  • AutoGridCalculation - auto-calculation of the first step of the grid, take profit and channel width
  • HeightPannel - height of the maximized panel relative to top left corner
  • FirstLot - size of the first order in the grid
  • LotExponent - multiplier for the next order in the grid
  • Magic - id of the EA orders
  • [D] slippage - slippage when opening orders
  • [D] TakeProfit - take profit of the grid
  • [D] StopLevel - fixed trailing stop and stop loss in case MaxLimit = 0
  • Trailing [VSL] - Trailing mode
  • Scalping[VSL] - Scalping mode
  • ScalpingBars - number of bars to close the order in the scalping mode
  • autolot - automated money management, parameters are approximate. optimization in the tester is recommended
  • [D] NeedPips - approximate number of points to move to loss, which the grid must withstand (taken into account only if the autolot mode is enabled)
  • Risk - percentage of equity to take into account when calculating a lot in the autolot mode
  • Way conducting grid - choose one of the three grid display modes: 1. limit orders for all the grid 2. one limit order - the one after the current open order 3. no limit orders
  • ScreenNewGrid - mode of taking a screenshot when a new grid is placed, files are saved in the folder …files/GridInChannel/Trading symbol
  • Use Time Limit - limitation of trading by time
  • GridStopTime - if the trading server time is greater than the specified value, the EA will not place a new grid when the StopOnTime mode is enabled
  • Cleaning - the EA will hold the button that allows trading once the price goes beyond the channel above or below the specified price
  • E-mail alerts - email notification about placing a new grid
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Version 2.12 2016.02.26
- three grid display mode:
limit orders on the entire grid (as in the old version)
without limit orders
a limit order - following the current open
- display levels with more information
- Now Advisor will be able to trade one lot without averaging with StopLoss and TakeProfit If put Maxlimit = 0
- minimize visual panel and moving the folded label to any point of the graph
- Additional parameter - AutoGridCalculation - enable / disable auto calculation First Step Grid, TakeProfit and Width Channel. These parameters will be calculated automatically, they will depend on the Timeframe and Symbol
- Additional parameter for testing without imaging - If NV Testing, will act only in the non-visual testing and have two choices: Permanently Sell Permanently Buy and although GridInChannel system depends on manual construction of the channel, pozovlit this option to select more optimal parameters using test optimization advisor
- many improvements to make the code work with a counselor easier and quicker, reduce the load on the terminal
- Setting margin risk
- Smart margin control (expert will calculate the potential risk at the opening of the entire grid)
Version 1.16 2016.01.19
Fixed re-calculating limit orders for different magic numbers. Now, it is possible to trade on one symbol in the opposite directions if the EA is placed on two charts with different magic numbers.

Optimized trend line display in the default mode.