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* Single Chart EA Capable of giving signals for 29 Pairs

* Please test Samartha EA in Live Market using SamarthaTest EA which is Photocopy of Samartha Expert Advisor

 Samartha Paid is fully automatic trading system... Samartha Test EA does not take trades... But it gives same signals as Samartha paid version

* Test Version is Like Non Trading Indicator for Testing Samartha Performance in Live Market

* Various Input Settings that you can test based on your capital and risk capacity

* Please message me in case you need to know more about settings

* Trades Strongest Currency against Weakest Currency. Hence Pair Selection is Automatic

* Please read details of Samartha in following Blogs


Open a chart, remove all indicators, and apply this EA... Please see attached image

Time frame of Chart does not matter.. Time Frame is set in Inputs.

ARM1965 2020.05.24 20:19 

SAMARTHA is the unique concept of profit making EA in forex market . I like its set files for different combination as per requirements i can use .After testing the DEMO version ,I am using this EA since last two weeks with all closed trade by profit.

Trade entry concept is very innovative idea with complex programming . Developer Mr. Mangesh is very much supportive for every point of time to clarify all about inputs of this EA.

Aravind 2020.05.09 20:21 

Running on live since May 1. So far good. Full marks for support and EA updates.

Sadasoft 2020.05.05 18:29 

I think the EA has potential to be a profitable product in the real life and this is the reason I 've bought it. I ll increasing my stars to the review as the results will come and the possibility of a backtest will

be added to the expert.

The Mangesh work in the programming looks excellent and remarkable.

Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee 2020.04.24 22:23 

I know this is a very early review, but I know Mangesh is an excellent programmer. I have already recovered the purchase price of the EA in one day. It’s extremely good at picking entries and love the fact it won’t place orders in the opposite direction to strong trends. There’s a lot of smarts built into this and the interface is awesome.

Try the demo version first as I did, so you can see for yourself how it works.

Mangesh has been very helpful and answered all my questions.

Versão 103.0 2020.06.24
Improvements in Trend Mode Entry
Versão 102.2 2020.06.09
Additional Feature for Trend Base Trading
1) This is additional feature in Samartha 102.2 for Taking Trend Based trades on multicurrency strengths basis
2) You have to set (0) Entry Mode input to “AlongTrend” option (Or select set file from 2xxxx series)
3) Whenever strengths of two currencies come very close to each other the First Trigger is generated
4) Whenever strengths of two currencies start parting with each other and cross breakout value then strong currency will be bought and weak will be sold
5) There are two additional checks for checking whether there is trend in favourable direction and there is good momentum
6) If strengths go apart more without trend coming in favour then the triggers are cancelled
7) There is no averaging in this trades.
8) The trade gets trail SL to book profit
9) The trade is stopped out when opposite trade is opened.
Versão 102.1 2020.06.04
1) New check added in input 19a to skip more volatile pairs based on its ATR value.
2) Some changes in Dashboard colors etc
Versão 102.0 2020.05.31
1) The final trigger changed to Candle Price action instead of RSI breakout
2) Default values changed
3) Input changed for adding Candle Price Breakout
Versão 101.9 2020.05.21
One small bug removed for overall Max pairs
Dashboard small change
Versão 101.8 2020.05.18
Max Overall Pairs Bug removed.. Please discard 101.7 and use this version
Versão 101.7 2020.05.17
(a) If you select (32) Negative Exit Mode = Stoploss then the SL will not be seen on trade but will be hidden

(b) If you select (35) Profit Exit Mode = FixTarget the TP will not be seen on trade but will be hidden

(c) Input "(34a) Basket Exit Mode in Loss" added with 3 options (i) PercentageRisk (ii) AbsoluteRisk (iii) None

(d) For above input you can give "(34b) Basket Exit Risk Value" in % or absolute value

(e) Made some improvements in the final trigger entry after breakouts which will take entry more precisely
Versão 101.6 2020.05.06
Hi all... There are no trades last 1-2 days..

There are 2 reasons (1) Market is overall flat and (2) Latest 101.5 default settings are more on safer side with 3 RSI Periods used for Strength Calculation...

With the same version, trades will be taken but may take more waiting time till market moves on all periods..

So meanwhile i have made on change in EA and uploading 101.6 version... I have kept all the 3 RSI periods open in Inputs as input nos. (5a), (5b) and (5c)

Default values are as follows

(5a) RSI Period-1 = 5

(5b) RSI Period-2 = 10

(5c) RSI Period-3 = 0

If you want to make this version trading similar to version last week then u can give following inputs

(5a) RSI Period-1 = 5

(5b) RSI Period-2 = 0

(5c) RSI Period-3 = 0

Dont make (5a) Zero
Versão 101.5 2020.05.05
Please read comment #8 from here


Versão 101.4 2020.04.30
1) Memory management improved

2) Alerts and notifications added

3) Entry strategy improved by checking strengths on various periods
Versão 101.3 2020.04.27
1) The display will show values even if Auto Trading is Disabled.. If auto trading is disabled then trades will not be taken
2) Money flow index added for More accurate entries
Versão 101.2 2020.04.23
1) Trailing SL Logic improved
2) Small correction in Dashboard