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Pump and Dump


Advisor Pump and Dump is a fully automatic trading EA, created by a trader for traders. The main strategy - "Buy cheap, sell expensive." Opening orders occurs after a significant increase/fall in prices.

You probably noticed a significant pullback of the price in the opposite direction after sharp movements in the market, then so-called "hairpins" have drawn. The adviser catches moments of strong growth or fall and enters the market, based on these signals.I explain particularly in the video and in the screenshots.

IMPORTANT! Some buyers ask me how to speed up testing in the MT4 strategy tester?

ANSWER To speed up testing, roll up the info panel on the test chart.

A lot of attention was paid to money management and risk management in the adviser.

  •  the ability to control the overall risk percentage of transactions
  •  the possibility of disabling trading in case of a risk management contravention

Money management is to be provided in the adviser. For management you may choose to use:

  • a fixed lot for opening positions
  • an adaptive lot that opens a transaction with a percentage of the deposit

You may look here a monitoring of real work, : https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/slatrade

I will always help you with the best settings and recommendations, be sure to contact me !


The built-in Risk-Management mechanism can stop trading in time and save capital with the help of initially setting the maximum permissible level of account subsidence.

Monitoring the stoppage of trade. An advisor can suspend trading for a predetermined time interval in case of exceeding the risk management. For ease of monitoring, a signal on the occurrence of an event will come directly to your mobile phone using Push Notification.

Built-in mechanism for multiplying the profit of orders. Inclusion mechanism for increasing profits occurs in the case of following the price of the trend.

Instant notifications of Risk manager for the status of the account on the mobile phone, using Push messages.

Input parameters

Trading Settings

Percent_price_change - The percentage of price change when the orders will be opened.

Multiplication_Profit = true / false - use of the profit multiplication parameter; when this parameter is enabled, orders are added only by trend.

Two side = true / false - If this option is enabled, the positions are opened by the fact of the presence of the signal, without waiting for the orders to close on the opposite signal.

First Lot - The initial lot of the order. When it sets to 0, the volume calculation will occur according to the percentage of balance function (Lot_Proc_from_Balance).

Lot_Proc_from_Balance - Calculation of the volume of orders depending on the balance with the subsequent automatic increase / decrease. If you set it to 0, the volume calculation will be performed using the First Lot option.

TP_pips - the value of the take profit in pips.

Distance - the opening distance of a series of orders

Step Distance - a step distance of the order series

Plus - the number of items, added to the level of lossless positions when closing a series of orders.

Magic number - the magic number for identifying orders.

Slippage - allowable slippage in pips to open a trade.

Risk-management settings

Maximum DrawDown - the maximum allowable drawdown, upon which the unprofitable positions will be closed, in case of Delete Orders = True

Pause_hours_ after_error - the number of hours of advisor’s stop after exceeding the maximum drawdown limit.

Delete Orders = True / false - when this option is turned on,and if the maximum drawdown is exceeded, the EA will delete all orders and stop the trade by notifying you with a Push notification.

General recommendations

Minimum deposit of $ 500.

The recommended deposit with a starting lotto is 0.01 from 1000 USD or 1000 Cents.

It is important to know, that while using the Expert Advisor on several pairs, it is necessary to change the value in the Magic number field.

When using the function Fist Lot, I recommend to take a 0.01 lot for every $ 2,500 for the calculation.

Ugo Della Rocca
Ugo Della Rocca 2019.03.19 22:00 

buon prodotto complimenti

nanny 2019.02.28 12:35 

sergey,gived to me good technical support & answer to all my question & give trade advice.I really very satisfied,thank you

Juergen Loebach
Juergen Loebach 2019.02.20 11:34 

Good and fast support.All previous positions have been closed with a profit.I'll call you again after a month.

Pavel Monogarov
Pavel Monogarov 2019.02.02 18:33 

Автор помог с настройкой советника, дал рекомендации по работе. 5 звезд, спасибо! 👍

Evgenij Trinchenko
Evgenij Trinchenko 2019.01.24 12:24 

Удобно настраиваемый бот, гибкая торговая стратегия.

brusm3 2019.01.15 19:35 

Very good EA and very serious programmer. Good help with setup and fast support and good advises during the way. Thumbs up!

*** Update 13 Feb 19. Still going strong and stable. And im running on 1:30 leverage account EU/US regulated and that makes it even harder. Low margin and stable profits.

Mikhail Ryzhachenko
Mikhail Ryzhachenko 2019.01.05 09:43 

Обновляю отзыв. Торговля идет в плюс. Автор помог в настройках. 5 звезд!

King Lok
King Lok 2018.12.27 11:11 

The programmer helped to set up the EA correctly, provided a set of files.

He also explain the meaning of the parameters in details, so that I could adjust the setting in different situation.

Thank you.

Clifton 2018.12.12 10:13 

Sergei’s blog and his trading experience is definitely rich and informative!

He’s willing to chat and explain to me how he’s strategy works too.

I been wanting to find a buy Low/sell high and this strategy suits my liking!

He’s helped me with setup through teamviewer and he has good sets which he is generously sharing!

Thanks for being around Sergei! 👊👍

Alex Pescov
Alex Pescov 2018.10.11 08:39 

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Versão 1.4 2018.12.11
Accelerated testing speed
Versão 1.3 2018.11.05
Added check for the relevance of quotes.
Versão 1.2 2018.10.11
Corrigida várias modificações nos pedidos de Take Profit.
Versão 1.1 2018.10.04
Adicionadas notificações push sobre como exceder o gerenciamento de riscos, com o parâmetro Delete Orders = false.
Se você não sabe como se conectar às notificações por push, leia este artigo https://www.mql5.com/en/articles/476