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"Still" is a trend-based Expert Advisor that looks for trend changes and opens orders in the direction of the new trend. The Moving Average indicator is used as the main signal supplemented by additional integrated confirmation functions. Whenever the signal changes, the opened orders are closed and a new order is opened. Stop levels are used for safety purposes.

The EA is tied to the current timeframe. Recommended timeframes are H1 and M30. It can also work on M15 and M5.

The recommended currency pair is EURUSD, but the EA can be configured for other major currency pairs as well.


  • SL - stop loss.
  • TP - take profit.
  • LotRisk - risk percentage of your balance when using money management.
  • Lot - fixed lot size.
  • TimeSignal - validity time of the main signal (in bars of the current timeframe)
  • FastAverage - period of the fast Moving Average.
  • SlowAverage - period of the slow Moving Average.
  • Magic - magic number.
  • Comment - order comment.
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