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Harmonic patterns with table

This indicator searches harmonic patterns on different TFs, and can track patterns in real time on all TFs for seted symbols. High and Low points for patterns defined by Bill Williams method, not by Zigzag or Fractals, it's more clear signals.

Important input parameters:

  • Where patterns search : "Current symbol" - searches patterns on the current symbol; "Seted symbols" - indicator creates table with seted symbols.
  • Allowable percent of deviation : percent of deviation from perfect pattern
  • Symbols for table mode : set symbols for table (ex. EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY... )
  • Min TF for table : minimal TF for seted symbols (for mode "Seted symbols")
  • TimeFrame for searcing patterns : TF for current symbol (for mode "Current symbol")
  • Show old patterns? : show or not pattern on history
  • Candles back for old patterns : how many candles ago show patterns

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