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Angle of MA

The indicator calculates the inclination angle of the Moving Average and displays the result on the screen. Users can select the start and end points to measure the inclination of the MA. It is also possible to set the angle value, and if the inclination angle exceeds the specified value, the indicator will play a sound alert and display a message on the screen.


  • Left_Shift_of_MA=1; - Shift of the MA to calculate the inclination angle (start point)
  • Right_Shift_of_MA=0; - Shift of the MA to calculate the inclination angle (end point)
  • MA_Period=14; - МА period
  • MA_Shift=0; - МА shift
  • MA_Method=MODE_EMA; - Method for calculating the MA values
  • MA_Price=PRICE_CLOSE; - Price to calculate the MA
  • Draw_Trend_Line=true; - Draw a trend line to visualize the angle measurement
  • Auto_Color_for_Line_and_Font=true; - Automatic detection of trendline and angle value color
  • LF_Color=clrAqua; - Color of the trendline and the angle value of the above parameter is set to FALSE
  • Font_Size=14; - Font size of the display angle value
  • Label_Corner=right lower chart corner; - The screen corner to display the angle value
  • Label_X_Offset=10; - Horizontal shift for the angle value
  • Label_Н_Offset=10; - Vertical shift for the angle value
  • Alert_if_Angle_More_than=30; - If the inclination angle exceeds this value, the indicator will notify about it
  • AlertON=true; - Enable/Disable on-screen alerts
  • SoundON=true; - Enable/Disable sound alerts
  • EmailON=true; - Enable/Disable email messages
  • PushON=true; - Enable/Disable push notifications
3316589p 2017.11.24 13:41 

Great indicator, the addition of the trend line is a bonus. Well done.

91639307 2016.07.22 20:59 

hello , I bought the indicator and did not understand the confgurations " Left_Shift_of_MA and Right_Shift_of_MA

Versión 1.2 2017.12.15
1. Added an option for setting the color of the trendline and the angle value
2. It is now possible to set the corner and shift for the angle value display
Versión 1.1 2017.10.31
1. Added Push and Email notifications.
2. It is now possible to change the font size of the angle value
3. The indicator draws a trend line at the place the angle is calculated, for better visualization (this function can be disabled)
4. Added one more buffer, where the value of the current angle is stored at the zero bar. This is done to allow the angle value to be retrieved from an expert and to use this indicator in automated trading.