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SIA averaging pro

It's based on the Averaging strategy. EA opens two orders - buy and sell. Profit order closes by TP, for loss order grid of averaging orders will be started.

What is averaging?

AVERAGING is a technique to minimize unwanted risk by opening another position with the same direction at different price level. You can negatively or positively average.

The difference :

Negative average: this is where you add to your trade when it is going against you “OFFSIDE” so you sell more at a higher price or buy more at a lower price.

Positive average: this is where you add to an “ONSIDE” position and buy more as the trade goes up or sell more as the trade goes down.

The key to averaging is RISK MANAGEMENT you need to be aware of your trade size and your margin requirement.

The open order step and volume can be both fixed and dynamic



Recommended :   pairs : Side way pairs is very good for this system.

                                Time frame : low time frame is better, like 5M.

                               Deposit : 3000_5000 usd for standard account.




Lot : first position size

Zariblot : increase size with this factor

Grid : next position in this distance

Zaribgrid :  increase grid with this factor

Take profit : takeprofit for each 0.01 lot order

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