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Harmonic Master Scanner Pro

Harmonic Trading is now much easy than ever before with Harmonic Master Scanner Pro you can now scan time frames from 5m to 1w for 17 harmonic patterns on all bares at the same time.

Harmonic Master Scanner Pro works based on original MetaTrader4 Zigzag indicator and the standard harmonic patterns elements.

This software send alert and email to you when a harmonic pattern is detected on any charts.

If you want the scanner to draw the pattern just switch the time frame to the alert time frame.

The entry point is the "D" point.

The scanner only shows the present pattern one by one no historical patterns (you can use the back test to build your own strategy).

Because the full dependence on Zigzag indicator the scanner may redraw the "D" point (only the "D" point) or give fake alerts in case of pattern failure, so I strongly recommended you to use additional strategy to open trades like price action or divergence or as your own.

The scanner represents the PRZ zone by a rectangle and the significant Fibonacci retracements from XA by red Lines.

I have added the Fibonacci Time Zones tool to validate the time correction of the patterns, recommended correction is between 0.382% and 1.618% and the equivalent one at 100% is the best.

The scanner includes 17 harmonic patterns (AB=CD – Gartley – Bat – Butterfly – Crab – Shark – Alternate Bat – Deep Crab – Cypher – Nen Star – Anti Gartley – Anti Bat – Anti Butterfly – Anti Crab – Anti Shark – Anti Cypher – Anti Nen Star).

Indicator Inputs

  • "ZigzagDepth", "ZigzagDeviation", "ZigzagBackstep" - Zigzag indicator inputs.
  • "nBarsShift" number of shift bars for zizgzag indicator.
  • "PercentAfter", "PercentBefor" - to give the scanner some flexibility you can add a percentage range before and after the individual elements like "B" point in the Gartley pattern. The percent is from the original Fibonacci retracements (means 0.5% from 0.618 before and 5% from 0.618 after as example). This flexibility percentage only applied to:
    • - "C" and "B" points in AB=CD pattern.
    • - "B" point in Gartley, Butterfly, Alternate Bat and Deep Crab patterns.
    • - "D" point in Anti Gartley pattern.
  • "Scan5M", "Scan15M", etc - Pause or stop scan for one or more time frame.
  • "IncludeABCD", "IncludeGartley", etc - Pause or stop scan for one or more patterns.
  • "BearishWave", "BearishLabels", "BearishPRZ", "BullishWave", "BullishLabels", "BullishPRZ" - management for color visualizations
  • "ShowFiboTimes", "FiboTimesColor" - Fibonacci Time Zones tool management.
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