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User Manual and Some Bug Fixes (personal job)
100+ USD
Hi Noe I am struggling with the News Trader EA - It is placing trades a bit at Random. (See pic - the 2 new orders placed do not relate to any news) Would you be interested in doing a User Manual? (I dont think I understand All the Inputs) Also one input is "Close Opposite trade when one is triggered" This does not work (i.e. One Order Fills and the other does not cancel) So there are some Bugs to sort. Let me know
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Experts Translation
80 - 160 USD
Money would be released after few weeks delivered and tested of us A Private Banking and Brokerage Script with: Description and attached file as complete PHP-Website Script with install guide for upload. Different Apis of website for connecting a Chatbot for overview own stats and start trading note: default numbers like percentages, Formulas Make compact Attachment and complete text for development. German and
200 - 500 USD
Make a web based app in Pinescript With login for user for them to access. The app will display charts at the bottom with some basic info from the table’s information. In the table I wamt to be able to see the currency pair and its trend direction as per our algorithm ( pair, direction -Pfl(green) Pfh(red) and the number of days since that signal. And the distance from that signal either updated periodically or in
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