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Tümü Forex Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Statistics and mathematics C++ Strategy modules
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a ll traders want to find market behavior patterns, which could help identify favorable moments for performing trading operations. They also want to eliminate randomness and influence of external factors, such as rumors, news releases, fatigue, and so on. Traders monitor charts and may formulate some formal rules, which enable objective analysis of price or tick charts. Technical indicators can facilitate such
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MQL5 Çeviri Forex
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Can't atttach file so here you go. Scope – TOS Point of Control (POC) Scanner Please read entire document carefully. Every word has been painstakingly written to avoid unnecessary questions, confusion, etc. I’m looking for someone that is a subject matter expert with Thinkscript, particularly the scanning function. I’m not looking to hire someone who is learning Thinkscript, learning the TOS platform, etc. Create
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