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Hello,  I need a auto copier Mobile App for Android phone, the app will allow clients to sign up and link their account to our master trading account, all clients will have a profit and will payment for their service monthly. The subscription fee will be base on the current balance of the account link. The app will enable auto copier of trades from our master account to their trading account.
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Experts Design Statistics and mathematics C++ PHP SQL MySQL HTML 2019.06.05
100+ USD
MT4 to ODIN,NEST AND NOW auto trading plugin software. Order should sent from MT4 to NEST  and ODIN. 1. LOTSIZE 2. ORDER TYPE:  Indraday  or MIS or Normal (delivery type) 3. Price 4. Order type:  Limit order or Market order
2 Applications
Integration Design Statistics and mathematics Panels and dialog boxes Custom graphics C++ C# Java JavaScript PHP Python Product Design 2019.05.10