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Good day, I need help with an existing mt4 & mt5 EA. I need EA update for #1: Maximum number of orders open to be +/-10 (Current Settings only allows one trade) #2: I need the EA name to be displayed on the comment section on Pc and Mobile. Feel free to contact me for more info. This job is urgent and I'd appreciate estimated turnaround time for the work to be one day. Thank you
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I'd like to change the loss factor (number of times the lot size is doubled) from one losing trade to two losing trades for the lot size . Example: The below example shows that the first 4 trades were lost and the lot size was increased by 2 for every losing trade hence the 0.08 on the 4th losing trade. I need a change in lot size after 2 losing trades hence the fourth losing trade should have a lot size of 0.02
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Martingale type zonal recovery hedging expert advisor that has a movable trading panel. Functions include but are not limited to: -Placing stop orders (an initial manual placement using panel button, the rest automatically at a distance specified by the zone size) -Option to close all trades at a specified net profit target within panel (if selected in settings) -Zone range input for the rest of the stop orders
100 - 200 USD
Indicatore "Jordan Correlation Inverse" sfondo L'indicatore mira a identificare due intervalli divergenti su due mercati correlati che sono collegati tra loro tramite l'indicatore OverlayChart. Le due gamme devono avere direzioni opposte con la stessa dimensione in termini di Pip, con una percentuale di tolleranza da stabilire nell'indicatore (20-30%). Il range sarà definito in base al numero di candele chiuse
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500 - 2000 USD
Hello I'm looking for a professional wed developer to build a trade signals provider website for membership subscription .The script can be build on wordpress with all necessary widgets possible .I also need both app to be designed as well in android and OIS version
30 - 50 USD
Aslam-O-Alakum Everyone.. I want a Robot for Deriv.com broker (MT5) which includes 05 Indicators 1) RSI (Only for Trading Boom And Crash) and Further 2) Heiken Ashi 3) HMA 4) Moving Average 5) Sing_Alert Abhi for Volatility Indices. Thanks
300+ USD
Hi looking some to code a program. To automate backtester feature on Tradingview. To get better returns with the right inputs. We have a strategy file and trades any market. It just takes forever to get the right inputs. This might be a crome extension, or built in the pine code.With the option to choose what time frame you want. Once it’s finished you can import to excel file. I do have a sample video that I can
30 - 150 USD
Need an EA that will trade Retest of a line and The Break then Retest of a line. Need the EA to have buttons on the MT4 chart that creates a Retest Line or a Break Line. Retest line creates an order when price reaches the line in the opposite direction price comes from. The Break line only creates a Limit Order after price crosses the line and Closes across the line on the Given Timeframe (1hr, 30min, 4H)
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- Provider + Remote + Hidden mode ( SL/TP not copied)There is a check mark to select yes / no + Order Filter (Buy/Sell/Pending) There is a check mark to select yes / no + With comment There is a check mark to select yes / no tick mark to choose yes / no or customize comment Active/Disable The provider will have the right to turn on / off the recevier In the mql4 file there is a security function for Provide
Creation of MT4 Indicators (personal job)
100+ USD
I would like 5 indicators. I would like a (setup) indicator to work from the 2-minute time-frame. It should indicate the presence of various setups, initially with a yellow bar moving to a Green (Long) or Red (Bar) when the setup has been completed. This gives the names of the various setups. Please note that ALL of these setups are part of a SINGLE indicator. · RTV: Retest Variation · RTC: Retest
30 - 50 USD
this is just a simple job to code 2 strategies and bring out the desired results i want an individual who wants to focus on the next big thing in trading EAs we can work together in the long term,please dont come here as a chancer, 5 years and above for coding should be a minimum i know exactly what i want in this trading system follow what i will tell you to do any additional additions will be an advantage but i am
100 - 50000 USD
I have an indicator that i want to use with 3 different time frames but i dont have the code for it I need e robot that can "see" the "arrows when appear and "close" on 1 minute frame and confirm in the same way on the 30 minute frame for "direction" Then close the trade when opposite ARROW APPEAR ON THE 5 MINUTE FRAME david 360,6884968
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i have custom indicator..just have EX4 file no have MQL4 source file.. need a experienced professional developer to expert adviser EA Requirements: 3 indicator setting for entry (like double moving average) entry lotsize can setting at fixed ( lotsize ) or ( lots base on balance ) max spreads ( can setting ) grid entry setting grid entry distance grid trade only new candle (true – false) close trade opposite signal
30+ USD
Trade Copier / trade duplicate or Simply mirror software <:p><:p> I want a software developer who can assist with a Copy Trade Software or Account copier that will work in MT4 This software should be able open two, three or even more MT4 platforms on the same computer at different brokers, login into different accounts and trade all of them at once. <:p><:p> <:p> <:p> Trade Copier / trade duplicate or Simply mirror
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Hello Programmers, Further details will be given throughout the application process. Looking for an experienced programmer with high rep. Experienced in the financial markets. Please send screenshot of past jobs and reviews in your greeting. Regards
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i want an indicator that automatically create a rectangle(box) for certain condition of the candlestick and can edit it..works in mt4 and mt5 its a very simple coding Condition 1 Rectangle Buy: if candle (1) is red, and the next candle (2) (must be blue) and "close"(refer OHLC) higher or same as the "high" of candle (1) show a rectangle parameter of rectangle: low of the rectangle is the "lowest" value between candle
30 - 200 USD
I a need an automated robot that can Know when to jump in when it’s right time sell/buy and when it should take profit. However this robot should not have a stop loss function. This robot should be able to execute multiple take Profit on one trade
30 - 250 USD
I am looking for BOT that is able to work with the moving average cross over but only take great trade when the RSI is in the 70 going down and the 30 going up. I would love for the bot to work well with gold and oil then any other pairs
Expert Advisor for EURUSD trading algorithm MetaTrader 4 (personal job)
30+ USD
p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica} p.p2 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica; min-height: 14.0px} Hello, I am looking for an expert advisor to create a trading robot for the EURUSD currency pair. Key: a red candle is when the open price is higher than the close price , a green candle is when the open price is lower than the close price. Time frames are based on
50 - 200 USD
I have a dashboard EA I used in the past and worked well for multi pair currencies, with winning rate nearing 67% on 1:1 Risk:Reward with proper settings, but I could not get hold of the initial developer of the dashboard panel I assumed he his busy with other projects or does not code again. I need a good coder for a long time project who can make a dashboard EA and support future development. The Dashboard will be