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30+ USD
Hi, Looking for a experienced friendly coder who can fix the attached virtual trailing stop. The requirements are as follows: 1. Require minimal modification of the existing code ( trailing stop.mq4 attached) 2. Should be able to trail multiple orders of opposite directions at the same time 3. Must be able to filter based on Order ID 4. Ideally the whole code should sit inside void VirtualTrailingStop() in the
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30 - 200 USD
I Need a Robot to Be build For me as A new trader. with these options and make it the best way that you can form a new trader so it can be easy to use. Indicators Experts Libraries Scripts Integration Converting Translation Design Consultation
30+ USD
Hi I need a mql4 Expert Advisor that will place a buy every time(not once but every time on each candle) price moves 50 pips up and a sell every time price moves 50 pips down on the 1 hour candle stick . I need it to take place like 10 seconds after each hourly candle sticks open. Aslo please make the bot enter the trade 10 seconds after each 1 hour candle stick. I also trade indexes so I would like for you to inform
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MQL4 Experts Consultation C++ Forex
30+ USD
Prepare an EA which will place order on Market Price in Both the direction i.e Buy and Sell on click of a button available on the chart. I should be able to input Qty, TP (number of Pips), SL (number of Pips). Once the order is placed TP and SL will be auto calculated from the price the order is placed and based on the number of pips which is defined in the input box. It will then auto update the TP and SL with the
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EA Scalper Coding (personal job)
445+ USD
Hello I am looking for a coder who can code my scalping strategies into an EA. The Scalper s simple based on few moving averages and stochastics.Also it must check higher time frames and follow the trend
50+ USD
Hello, I am looking to create an expert advisor that is able to track each tick on a chart and execute trades based on this data. No need for historical data, just track each time the price moves in the market, and allow room for adjustable contingencies to determine trade execution. For example if the price in EUR/USD moves 5% upward, enter into a buy position with a stop loss at 3% and limit price at 10%. I would
35+ USD
I want to rebuild and refine the money management of an EA that I get from the internet (based on ex4 file). Plus password feature (can only be used by registered account number). If required, I will provide my account login and investor password to learn the performance of the EA
30+ USD
Hello coders ... I'm mql4 programmer in need for a way to create a clickable hyperlink for my web address to merge it in my EAs to make it easier for EA users to go directly to the address by one click. If this is possible, I need the have the code ... You may show me an ex4 version for testing it first. I wish the solution is not using dll files as much as possible. Thanks
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MQL4 Consultation C++ HTML PHP
100 - 800 USD
Hi All Freelancer. I need to develop a EURUSD auto trading robot that open and close most successful trades. Robot should close 90% Successful trades with 10 pips profit and 10 pips loss. It should be something this guy using. https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/330671 You can use algorithm’s chart analysis or anything you want to develop this robot. (No signal copy from other seller’s) I just need minimum 150 per week