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I would like the developer to code a complete MT5 Forex EA based on a relatively simple Heiken Ashi chart that utilizes two other indicators in a strategy that I shall document with a template. There must be a news filter to filter medium and high impact news. 1) News filter must be able to be turned on or off by either or both medium and/or high news. 2) There should be a before and after timer, in hours
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(5) MQL5 Experts Design Forex Trading robot/indicator debugging Statistics and mathematics Strategy optimization Strategy modules Options
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tngo un indicador y tengo mi propio logo quiero pasar el qm5 y que me lo agreguen y que apareza en la parte superior derecha de la grafica es solo eso nada mas
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(3) MQL5 Indicators Design Forex Strategy modules Custom graphics Product Design Data mining
30 - 75 USD
I am looking for somebody to code an entry system for me based off a manual trading solution. I will manage the trades once open, I want the bot to purely place trades and the initial SL or safety requirement so that trades I miss while away from my computer will be now taken by the EA. I'd like the EA to trade on MT4 initially, but later may have it rewritten for MT5. I have two primary indicators on the screen for
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(5) MQL4 Experts Design Statistics and mathematics Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Strategy modules Forex Product Design
30 - 90 USD
Hello the strategy is very simple, I will provide details to the right person. the Robot when is place on the chart and I choose either buy or sell and select the number of trades to open will only keep buying or selling in that direction ONLY. the parameters will include: lot size buy/sell number of trades to open TP and SL Max spread filter Time and Date Filter Magic SL and TP (this will be the price reach the
100 - 300 USD
Need a developer to build automatic trading Bot on Binance Futures. Already have a Strategy fully working as semi-automated Bot, need to convert to fully automatic trading Bot. Bot scanning 140 crypto pairs and will provide also a signal to trade
200+ USD
1. The Vision: Simple Price Action Trading. I am looking to to create a bot specifically for trading Forex on Meta Trader 5. Starting with market analyzation, I want this bot to be able to read from the Weekly time frame all the way down to the 15 minute time frame on meta trader 5/trading view. The focus is trading based off of the highs & lows of the market starting from the Weekly time frame down to the 5 minute
Modify the indicator to receive direct orders (personal job)
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Rewrite you MT2 Trading connector indicator to be reading signals from our Binary.com listener application. Rewrite you MT2 Trading connector indicator to be reading signals from our Binary.com listener application
30 - 200 USD
1. EA will put in Trades when the market creates one of the structers provided in the attachements. 2. EA will move the Stop loss to breakeven as soon as the trade's running profits are equal to the SL. 3. The SL will always include spread and is above the highest wick of the point of interest or order block. 4. The TP will be the high or low created by the market when structure was being formed. 5. The EA will have
30 - 50 USD
Create object rectangle and trendline on chart, if signal based on e.g.H4 timeframe create start on opening time ending on opening time next candlestick example 0400 until 0800, and can be seen on lower timeframe. If i choose e.g.H4, fibonacci retracement will calculated on lower timeframe (e.g.H1 ) . All input option must be like picture 1. Signal collected from closed candlestick (index 1) but objects drawn on
30 - 200 USD
I need to create a mt5 programm that can copy the orders a bot makes in a mt5 account from this mt5 to another mt5 automatically. i own the mt5 account that the bot open orders
30+ USD
Hello all, I need 2 module on mql4/mql5. 1. Show chart info (panel): I only need form and tutorial use this form, values for show i'll code and add. Panel like pic1 + news filter in pic 2. 2. Backtest news: I have news fiter function, its work on live trading. I need backtest news on mt4/mt5. Who can do 1 of 2 module pls pm me. Thanks
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(4) MQL5 Experts Design Panels and dialog boxes Strategy modules
100 - 150 USD
Module 1. EA that uses a custom formation Formula using MQLRates. Consisting of 1 to 10 rules EA formula Also uses a MA Module 2 Selection of 5 Stop losses SL's should be able to place a order with new SL as close as possible to the open price on a demo and live account.(With out errors) SL's should be able to trail. Using MA , % of open price to high price, and as close as possible to price More details and
30 - 40 USD
صباح الخير يارفاق اريد مطور ممتاز يقوم بانهاء العمل البسيط في يوم وهو عمل اكسبرت بدون مؤشر يعمل علئ Hedging من خلال خطة عمل بسيطة ساقوم بشرحها بعد الاتفاق مع المطور اذي سيقوم بانهاء هذا العمل في يوم عمل العمل يعتمد علئ كتابة النص داخل الخبير بدون مؤشر العمل بسيط ولا يوجد تعقيد علئ المطور المطور الذي سيقدم أقل فترة وسيقوم بانهاء المرحلة الأولى في الاختيار العمل بسيط قابل لتفاوض + يوجد اكسبرت سابق اريد فقط اضافة
30 - 50 USD
I am looking for mql5 developer to design a GUI with some specifications or parameters. Hook up and let's talk about this in details. The EA will have TP, SL, buy stop, sell stop, lot size and other parameters. The EA will allow me to set both buy stop and sell stop at the same time and set differently ST and TP
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(3) MQL5 Experts Design Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy modules Forex
85+ USD
Martingale type zonal recovery hedging expert advisor that has a movable trading panel. Functions include but are not limited to: -Placing stop orders (an initial manual placement using panel button, the rest automatically at a distance specified by the zone size) -Option to close all trades at a specified net profit target within panel (if selected in settings) -Zone range input for the rest of the stop orders
500 - 2000 USD
Hello I'm looking for a professional wed developer to build a trade signals provider website for membership subscription .The script can be build on wordpress with all necessary widgets possible .I also need both app to be designed as well in android and OIS version
30 - 300 USD
I have some fully-backtest data about three-breakout strategy It includes parameter, and I tried how to work, finally gave up. Therefore, I would like you to analyze the strategy, and if it can make EA, I would like that too, but first I would like to know the logic. According to the institutional investors who analyzed the logic, it is a simple one, utilizing momentum systems. With these tips and a back-test, I hope
300+ USD
Hi looking some to code a program. To automate backtester feature on Tradingview. To get better returns with the right inputs. We have a strategy file and trades any market. It just takes forever to get the right inputs. This might be a crome extension, or built in the pine code.With the option to choose what time frame you want. Once it’s finished you can import to excel file. I do have a sample video that I can
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- Provider + Remote + Hidden mode ( SL/TP not copied)There is a check mark to select yes / no + Order Filter (Buy/Sell/Pending) There is a check mark to select yes / no + With comment There is a check mark to select yes / no tick mark to choose yes / no or customize comment Active/Disable The provider will have the right to turn on / off the recevier In the mql4 file there is a security function for Provide
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i want an indicator that automatically create a rectangle(box) for certain condition of the candlestick and can edit it..works in mt4 and mt5 its a very simple coding Condition 1 Rectangle Buy: if candle (1) is red, and the next candle (2) (must be blue) and "close"(refer OHLC) higher or same as the "high" of candle (1) show a rectangle parameter of rectangle: low of the rectangle is the "lowest" value between candle