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35+ USD
Hello, I need you to code an EA that open market order (buy/ sell) when a specified price is hit. The EA should allow me to modify its settings during operation as shown below: 1. Trade Buy/ Sell = allow select trade buy or sell, e.g. Buy/ Sell 2. Lot Size = handling decimals, e.g. 0.10, allow type in desired lot size 3. Price = handling decimals, e.g. 1.10059/ 109.473, allow type in desired entry price 4. Distance =
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Experts Trading robot/indicator debugging Forex 2019.12.04
30 - 35 USD
I Need to work closely with a developer to turn my strategy into a trading bot, Whilst backtesting i have a 93% win rate and even manually trading i have weeks of 100% win rate however psychologically i run into issues and creating a bot would elminate this but i want to develop with someone to ensure i can create a great bot. I iam a student and so i have very little money but if you help me create the bot yo will
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Experts JavaScript Python HTML Trading robot/indicator debugging Forex Options Product Design 2019.12.04
30 - 50 USD
I would like (1) to ask the conversion of the following simple EA from MT5 to MT4, or (2) to ask a new simple EA based on the same rules in MT5 code. See the following expert for MetaTrader 5, which I request to convert or to make for MT4. ============ iMA iStdDev - expert for MetaTrader 5 ( ============ The converted or new code for MT4 should have the same functionality of
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Experts Trading robot/indicator debugging Forex 2019.12.03
Develop an EA with an indicator (personal job)
40+ USD
Good Day, I have another job for you and i am sure you will perform this in excellent way as you always done. I am going for an EA with indicator. Love to see you again in action. Accept My Job Sir
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Experts Forex 2019.12.02
30 - 200 USD
I'm looking to build MULTIPLE expert advisers and indicators and need a reliable and experienced coder that is able to follow direction to complete clean coded and bug-free projects with a fair/fast turnaround. I'm looking for someone that I can build a LONG-TERM relationship with and someone that can support maintenance needed to EA's as needed. The first project I need assistance with is an EA, that another coder
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Experts Trading robot/indicator debugging Forex 2019.12.02
Scanner for Cycle Identifier: need multiPair & multiTimeFrame & email alert (personal job)
110+ USD
need a scanner for cycle identifier. the scanner should have a table output with: "bars ago" age/ timeframe/ pair/ major vs minor/ bullish vs bearish the scanner should scan all pairs in market watch and should be able to email notify and screen notify I still want to be able to adjust: - timeframes scanned - major vs minor cycle identification - basic input parameters to remain adjustable
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Indicators Forex 2019.12.01
Leaving orders (personal job)
40+ USD
Hi Satem, I want you to code an EA please... Starting 00:00am to draw 2 rectangles on the chart, blue color. size equals the highest and lowest of last n bars 1st from 00:00 to 00:00 hour 2nd from 00:00 to 00:00 hour (both are within the day) Place orders: BUY 5 pips above the rectangle, TP xPips, SL xPips SELL 5 pips below the rectangle, TP xPips, SL xPips Option for lot size or lot Risk Percent At 00:00
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Experts Statistics and mathematics Custom graphics Forex 2019.11.30
30 - 70 USD
I am looking for EA working on pending orders up to 10 pending orders with conditions arranging the orders. The second-order shouldn’t be active before the first order and the third-order shouldn’t be active before the second-order, etc. Even if the entry of the pending order is at the same price. For more details please contact me
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Experts Forex 2019.11.29
30+ USD
Hello, I would like a script that enables me to set pending order (up to 30) in which I can easily determine size and gap between the orders. If possibile, I would like to make the list of orders with excel, then upload it to the script on mt5 which will just have to convert my orders written on Excel to pending orders. If it is not possible to do it with excel, then another way to just load a grid of orders without
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Scripts Other Panels and dialog boxes Forex Stocks 2019.11.27
40+ USD
Auto trader MT5 EA will enter trades when Price bounces off/corrects from MA closing price by certain distance from closing price of MA, on the upside or downside 1. The logic of Moving Average MA Touch (available online for free) indicator controls the entry and exits. 2. Another well known indicator Average Daily Range guides the trade profit management logic. Not a complicated one. 3. Facility of semi-automated
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Experts Statistics and mathematics Trading robot/indicator debugging Forex 2019.11.26
50+ USD
Hi, I am looking for someone who can make an arrow indicator for MT4. The arrow indicator is based on Extreme TMA trading. In attachment the document with all the specifications and the indicators used. If you are up for the job, please apply and we will discuss
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Indicators Forex 2019.11.25
30+ USD
Bonjour: je voudrais avoir un conseiller louable pour MT4 avec 3 moyennes mobiles Les règles dépendant de: - 3 moyennes mobiles simples de TF différentes - toutes les devises - à tout moment - Position du prix à 3 moyennes mobiles - Chaque transaction est protégée par Stop-Loss. Pour plus de détails, veuillez suivre sur demande
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Experts MySQL Trading robot/indicator debugging Forex 2019.11.20
30+ USD
Good Day, I want someone to modify my blackdiamond indicator and also convert to a Simple EA. The black diamond indicator input is st at 60 as default. SELL TRADE once the colour of the trend line changes to Red, it mean we should look for sell position, the sell alert/trade can only be activated when the price move upward to this points: -3 pips, ( that 3 pips below the trend line) 0 pips ( when price touches the
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Indicators Experts Python Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Forex 2019.11.19
Development of a trading robot in MQL5/MQL4 (personal job)
78+ USD
Il s'agira de construire un EA à partir d'un indicateur existant. Cet indicateur "dessine" un axe fixe ou évolutif entre pics hauts et bas (ou vice versa) pour déterminer des entrées Buy ou Sell à la coupure de l'axe. En "attach" une copie d'écran d'une partie de ce que devra être l'EA
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Experts Forex 2019.11.15
500 - 2000 USD
The project-based job opportunity for the expert developers with several features and certain performance. Some important features, including but not limited, are as follows; 1. Distance between certain spots (pips) 2. Candle prices (OCHL) & time that current candle will close 3. Order activation based on time 4. Different themes & modes 5. Multi-Charting option 6. Showing the bid/ask prices 7. Max Spread 8. Best
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Experts Statistics and mathematics Panels and dialog boxes Custom graphics Futures Forex Stocks 2019.11.14
30 - 80 USD
The EA strategy required a historical memory on profit or lost. When the target profit attained will close all floating order and start all over again. This strategy is not perfect yet but required long time modification and optimise . Therefore it is not one time job but required programer keeping on helping. Of cause I will pay to programer for every job requested. Kindly quota me cheaper charges because required
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Experts C++ Trading robot/indicator debugging Forex 2019.11.07
Pivot Expert (personal job)
30 - 60 USD
This is a Pivot Expert trader. It creates a trade based on pivot calc and calculated SL at the start of each day along with optionally a RSI trend. At the start of a time period, a pivot is created and used as Take Profit. SL is calculated based on a percentage parameter input by the user. Inputs: lot size, Bar Time Frame, Pivot Time Frame, Order Bar Delay, Percent, Close Bar on Next Pivot, Minimum Pips Optionally
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Experts Statistics and mathematics Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Forex 2019.11.04
30 - 90 USD
Hello, I need a EA for MT4 (local/vps) which auto-detect signal arrow/dot… from indicator in format .mq4 and/or .ex4 The EA can make correlation from multiple arrows/dot signal on same chart with a select number of indicators(up to 6 different indicators) to open/close a BUY/SELL order example : If indicator number 1 give SELL arrow/dot… signal and indicator number 2 give SELL arrow/dot.. signal on the same or X
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Indicators Experts Statistics and mathematics Trading robot/indicator debugging Collection of data on the internet Forex 2019.10.31
120+ USD
- If EA works with stocks and commodities also, I would not mind. EA is for hedging mode / account. - Trading conditions, based on indicator and / or price action, should be changeable as easy as possible, preferably by me. - Possible timeframes: M1, 3,5,15,30, H1,4, D1. - Trading conditions should be checked when a new bar emerges. Apart from TP and SL, orders are market orders. - Orders are valid for the lifetime
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Experts Forex 2019.10.30
50+ USD
Forex signals from MT4 to Telegram 1 # The representation of the signal should look like this (with emojis) As in the telegram group link in PN. # 2 The number at the beginning of each signal must be continuous from 001 - 999 One should be able to restart the consecutive number again so that the number starts again with 001 # 3 the signals must be linked with extensions or changes # 4 Presentation of Close
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Experts Forex 2019.10.23