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100+ USD
Please modify the original EA to the desire logic. Original Logic : 1. When the market price at a value which there is no order in the account, it will open UP / DOWN / or both positions. 2. When the market price at a value which an ordered position has a profit, it will take profit and close the position. The attached picture "Original.jpg" illustrate the logic. Modify to : 1. When the market price at a value which
An EA with Bollinger Bands %B Strategy (personal job)
30 - 50 USD
1. Trading Signals : Buy signal(Opening 3 long positions each time): i) %B crossing up 1 ii) Get the value of 20MA Take profit or close position: i) 1 long position TP or Close when %B crossing down 1 ii) 1 long position TP or Close when the price close lower 20MA ii) 1 long position TP and SL with the value difference of entry price and 20ma(1:1) Sell signal(Opening 3 short positions each time): i) %B crossing down
30+ USD
The indicators are 1. EMA crossover 2. Keltner Channel Length 40 and Mult 1 and use true range 3. SwR (Supply and demand indicator) 4. Zigzag arrow Buy condition 1. EMA 9 crosses EMA 26 up and arrow appear 2. Open 3 trades 4. TP1 as price hit SwR indicator 5. TP2 as Zigzag arrow appear immediately (Zigag repaint. So close as the zigzag appear on price) 6. TP3 as EMA 9 crosses EMA 26 in opposite again and the arrow
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100+ USD
I have a MT4 EA code that I developed and I would like to have it converted to MT5 >I can provide the EA code that needs converting >The EA runs on an offline Renko chart that can be downloaded here: >The EA uses Price Action, Breakeven, Trailing stop, Profit Target, Arrays and different money management options
Modify PCM indicator (Pivot - Cur str - Market Facilitation Index) (personal job)
120+ USD
Recap : This indicator uses Pivots, cur str meter and Bill Williams Market Faciliation Index (MFI) The way it works - Price reaches a high or low Price reacts and changes direction A MFI bar is created (main, fake, fade, squat) with a value (right now the indi does not count if bar is bull or bear) Cur str met happens Alert add 1. shift pivots by hour (example : instead of starting at 0:00 broker hour, start from
50 - 100 USD
I’m looking for a developer that could make an expert advisor (EA) that will Auto copy telegram signals to MT4 account. Then have ability to adjust and manage the trade bases off the signals change in the telegram channel. 1. Read and copy trading signals posted in specific telegram channels with different format to MT4. 2. Copy all the signals included Entry Price, Multiple entry's ,Stop Loss, take profit 1, take
30+ USD
Place a buy and sell upon every new candle open. Set TP for the placed trades. No SL required. Select the trades which not hit the TP and place the same type trade with multiplier volume for every pips movement against the trade. Close the initial trade and all subsequent multiplier trades when the net profit of all trades reach a custom pips. DD Reduction: When the total number of multiplier trades reach a
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150 - 250 USD
Hi , Looking for Pro to build a Multi currency EA , Private job with complexity and only experienced developer can do this job ! Please apply if you have enough experience in multi currency ea ! Ea has Panel that shows signal status and signal values n indicator data as well
30 - 106 USD
The idea of the trading system is as follows: market entries are performed when indicator values derived from Minions SlowRSI indicator on higher timeframe. I envision a scenario, I just want to be able to catch it when it comes around. -Adjustable timeframes on what's being traded & from which trend is derived from. For example, market order on 5min chart but SLOWRSI trend derived on 1HR chart. *Notes*: -I don't
Fix bugs with custom EA (personal job)
80+ USD
Hi as we discussed I'd like you to fix two bugs with my EA. The EA will have different results of valid signals even when using the exact same time frame settings across multiple charts. When I have the EA on different charts, but I use the same time frame settings when the EA opens the valid signals are not the same and they should all be equal, but they not. The profit calculations for the EA are also not 100%
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50+ USD
Dear prospective programmer, I am looking for a programme who can convert a PINE SCRIPT indicator of mine into a trading bot for MT4 platform. Currently, my indicator is generating alerts, which I want to use to OPENING and CLOSING positions. The programmed EA should be able to take SL and TP options with some customisation with the multipliers and other variables as the PINE SCRIPT details. You need to have a good
Robot1 EA (Optimization) (personal job)
70+ USD
Hi, Attached you can find the Specifications of this Job. Basically, it is about removing several Inputs and adding two new ones. Also, the Display on the Chart and Control Panel should be updated. I will be attentive to your questions. Thank you
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87 - 123 USD
Dear Experts, the goal is an EA that trades with Moving Average, vWap and/or Reverse Fractals and/or Stochastic Momentum Index. 1. Concept The idea of the trading system is as follows: market entries are performed when MA crossover, vWap Crossover, SMI and Fractals give Buy/Sell signals in the current trend direction. Trend given by Moving Average (MA1) and/or 2 MA Crossover (M2,M3) and/or vWap. 2. Trend Trend is
60+ USD
The existing EA will BUY & SELL forex pairs at the same time if there is no position at the current Market price. It will also close profitable positions (THE TAKE PROFIT VALUE is set by user). But this method will leave a lot of BAD trades in the opposite direction. In order to improve the situation, the developer need to provide codings so that when the overall profit (must equal or greater than the above TAKE
30+ USD
Hello everyone, I don't know if it is possible to satisfy my requests, but I would like to pay a professional figure for the creation of an automated trading bot based on an indicator present on the trading view adapted to MT4. This indicator creates BUY open signals "long signal", SELL open "short signal" and closes. For the BUY it gives the "XL" closure and for the SELL it gives the "XS" closure. Write me if you
Ichimoku EA (Private job for Biantoro) (personal job)
80+ USD
I need EA with MA confirmation, with multiple / different entry and exit strategy, esp. the stoploss which is dynamic (including max risk and trailing stoploss). There's also other requirements such as : - Money management / lot sizing, be it manual or auto (calculated from account balance) - Options of hidden Stoploss & Take profit - Display Info Panel on multiple ongoing trades and several info of account balance
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100 - 500 USD
I need a bot that will execute the strategy in the attached video for buy or sell orders in MT5 Additional requirements 1. I would like to be able to modify the stop loss 2. Add 2 additional EMA's (1. 50 days, 2. 200 days). All 4 EMA's must cross before an order can be executed. 3. I would like to modify the lot size 4. I would like to modify the bot to run on any pair, indices ,cypto-curriency, etc. of my choosing
30 - 50 USD
I have a custom indicator that a previous developer was unable to fix after 3 months. The developer could not fix his own indicator he created so I now need to find someone else with the skill set and experience to fix it. The indicator gives buy and sell signals and plots arrows on the chart. The bug is that on the M1 and M5 time frames the arrows will move our of place at random places on the chart. After
Modification of a Grid EA (personal job)
30+ USD
I want to modify the following 1- I want to remove "trend global trailing", "trend no of orders average trailing" and "trend minimum points average trailing" sections from trend orders settings. 2- I want to add one more averaging method "Averaging all orders partial" in which it averages the latest trade with biggest lot trade against a predefined PERCENTAGE of the trades of smaller lots instead of all of them. 3-
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150 - 300 USD
Hi, Looking for PRO to build a Multi Currency ( we can add max 28 currency pair it'll take trade on ) with a indicator that will use a icustom function to pull data from indicator and open trades ! its complex ea with a Panel on chart ( statstics etc ) Please apply if you're PRO in building Multi CUrrency ea ! the ea should not consure too much cpu power