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Changing the format of ex4 file

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parham.trader 2014.04.26 19:00 

Hi my friends,

I've made a mistake and change the extension of .ex4 files through its properties and by " open with " button, I mean I chose to open .ex4 files in "notepad" application and it is completely crashed right now.

Does anyone know how to change it to its default condition in order to open in its predefined application, which I don't know what is ?

thanking in advance,

Ian Venner
Ian Venner 2014.04.26 19:41  

Changing the "open with" application should make no difference to how MT4 operates, it only changes what application to use when you double click the file in Windows Explorer. By default ex4 files have no predefined application in Windows Explorer.

If you changed the actual file extensions from .ex4 to something else you will have to manually change them back again.

whroeder1 2014.04.26 19:42  
There is no default "open with", you must open it though the terminal. Ignore it or if you insist, Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Default Programs\Set Associations
parham.trader 2014.04.27 09:17  

Thank you guys for your helpful answers

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