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The Rule number six on VPS termination needs explanation

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Chinedu Onuoha
Chinedu Onuoha  

PLease I need clarification on rule number 6 below:


VIII. Termination of Service without Prior Notice in Case of Serious Violations of Terms of Use 

MQL5 Ltd reserves the right to permanently terminate the service without prior notice, resulting in immediate and permanent account block in case your actions seriously violate the Rules, according to MQL5 Ltd.

Below are the examples of such serious violations:

  1. Any actions that threaten the operation of the service for other Users. 
  2. Interception, imitation or redirection of the communication protocols used as a part of website services regardless of the method of performing the above actions.
  3. Using Virtual Hosting service with the help of a third-party modified interface not provided by MQL5 Ltd on website nor by MetaQuotes in its software.
  4. Development or use of means for fraud, modifiers, hacking tools, as well as any other third-party software to modify the Virtual Hosting service operation.
  5. The use of any third party software that intercepts, collects or otherwise gathers information included in Virtual Hosting service or transmitted through it.
  6. Using third-party accounts.
  7. Carrying out attacks on any of MQL5 Ltd and MetaQuotes servers, participation in such attacks or engaging in them, as well as other attempts to hinder the servers operation.
  8. Using a Virtual terminal to access, copy, transfer, transcode or retransmit Signals in violation of any law or third-party rights.
  9. Reproduction, copying, selling, exchange and reselling of a third-party Signal's contents, unless you have been specifically permitted to do so in a separate agreement with MQL5 Ltd.
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