History tab on TOOLBOX: I am not clear with the concept. Please help.

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Antonio Argueta Lorenzo
Antonio Argueta Lorenzo  

Dear traders,

I am starting to understand MT 4 & 5 and still there are some stuff that I do not understand well. 

I started to trade few weeks ago, and as common I did many reds and few green operations. Today I am making more green. 

When I check the HISTORY tab on the TOOLBOX, I just noticed that I got s the regular TP in green and the SL in red. Then I just discovered that some of the operations that are in black are loses in minus (-). 

(Please check the screenshot attached).

Why these losses are not in RED, and how to avoid them?

When they come up? if I place the cursor over the operatio, a pop up appear telling: PLACED MAUALLY... How can I avoid doing that?

I´ll appreciate any clue about it.

Thanks and best regards,


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