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Automated backtesting and result output

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sacbnc 2016.03.17 13:46 

Hi there,

I've been using Strategy Tester to test several EAs across multiple time frames/symbols. The report you can download is quite intensive in terms of pulling the data out to CSV etc.

Could someone please advise on the following:

--> Can you test an EA in 'batch' mode as per the following example:

-----> Execute MT4 strategy tester via command line with a param file (or such) that specified each symbol and each time you want a specific EA to be tested on

--> Can you write results to a CSV file so it can be easily pushed into a database or opened in Excel for easy evaluation?


--> If you want to back test further you can download older data from various sources, however this may differ slightly and I've experienced issues with Strategy Tester bombing out due to data discrepencies. This may differ if from different brokers for example, is this a known risk/issue and how does one get around it?

sacbnc 2016.03.17 22:03  

Any love?

I have done my research but have yet to identify a clean and simple way of doing this

Johnson831 2016.10.16 22:35  
Hi! Nice approach! Did you continue on this? Would like to here your status on this we can probably work together as I have a smiliar plan.
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