NVIDIA GPU With MT5 Strategy Tester

I've heard talk that it's possible to use OpenCL or something to use GPUs to run EAs in the strategy tester

I have an NVIDIA 1080ti, with fully current drivers, and it doesn't show up in the Strategy Tester as an agent(s).

I use FxDreema for building my EAs currently, if it's relevant. 

What steps would I need to take to run the strategy tester using my CUDA cores in my GPU? I've seen talks, but I've not seen a great guide that's got me up and running. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! 
It's Oct 2021 now, this CUDA support in MT5 seems still unavailable. It is even more urgent than ever to support GPU optimization with the more and more complicated strategies otherwise the value of MT5 is greatly depressed. Please MetaQuote add it in in the next releases!!!
Neither CUDA nor OpenCL are capable of executing an EA.

But you can code your EA to use the OpenCL within the EA itself to perform some calculations.

Although I don't see how this would "upgrade" your backtests.