My product does not have a star rating

Sergey Golubev  

We on the forum do not know.
No one knows here about any products and any reviews (the service desk is moderated the Market so you can ask them about your products).


I found some information which maybe usefulrelared to your question:

Forum on trading, automated trading systems and testing trading strategies

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Eleni Anna Branou, 2021.06.05 22:08

The review system has been changed recently in order to prevent fake reviews.

Now the stars are visible after a small period.

automated system that hides reviews


Updates in Rules to improve Market products - important updates in Rules, affected by July 1, 2021 (for the validated sellers in the Market)
Product page showing zero votes now
Product page showing zero votes now
  • 2020.07.17
Hi guys, Do you maybe know why this could be happening...
Eleni Anna Branou  
Tran Nhat Minh:

I just posted a product for sale recently 2 week ago, and there are two reviews but it doesn't show the average star rating of the product, does anyone know why?


In addition to what Sergey posted, your 1st review doesn't have any stars and the 2nd was left a few hours ago, so it will take some time or a couple of days to see the stars on your product.