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Miguel Angel Vico Alba  
  • Each language has its own forum, and it is therefore forbidden to communicate in any language other than that of the forum in question.
  • Threads in capital letters will be deleted.
  • It is forbidden to post personal details such as telephone numbers or e-mail addresses.
  • Discussions and advertising, either directly or indirectly, of any broker, signal, product or channel are not allowed.
  • Topics not related to the platform or services of this website are prohibited (e.g. politics, religion, etc.).
  • Foul language, advertising messages, spamming and flooding are prohibited.
  • Repeated violation of the Rules, ignoring moderator comments and open disrespect to the website Administration will result in account termination.
  • You must share code using the 'Code' button or Alt+S.

  • Please do not ask for recommendations such as "Please recommend a profitable EA" or "What is the best signal". Such discussions are forbidden. You can go to the Market or Signals section and read the reviews there.
  • If you have to expose a problem, please avoid naming the broker you work with. Knowing the name of the broker is not relevant.
  • Advertising is not allowed on the forum and any "recommendation" would invariably be advertising.
  • Generally, people who cannot code do not get free help on this forum, although it might happen if you are lucky. Be patient.
  • If you show your attempts and describe your problem clearly, you will probably get a response from the community.
  • If you don't want to learn to code, that's not a problem. You can look at the CodeBase section where you will find free and open source code, or at the Market for paid products (also sometimes free). Finally, you also have the option of hiring a programmer in the Freelance section.
  • Please note that a non-reproducible problem is not a problem. In order to receive help, it must always be reproducible and you must be able to argue it with evidence (logs, screenshots, etc).
  • Many of the problems are already solved in the forum (some of them for years). Use the search engine to find related threads on the topic you are looking for.

Search engine

  • If you have purchased a product elsewhere and are having problems with it, we cannot help you.
  • If you have problems and your product uses any form of built-in licensing outside MQL Market, we cannot help you.
  • We do not provide support for external signal services outside of
  • We cannot help you if you have problems with your broker.
  • We do not provide support for external VPS services.
  • We do not provide support for operating systems (Windows, Mac, Android...).
  • To resolve a problem mentioned above, you should contact the external party.

Rules for the different sections

The Website Administration may implement any changes to the Rules it deems necessary.

Rules of Using the Market Service
Rules of Using the Market Service
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Fernando Carreiro  

Forum on trading, automated trading systems and testing trading strategies

General rules and best pratices of the Forum.

Fernando Carreiro, 2023.09.03 19:20

When creating a new topic or thread, please consider which section is most appropriate for your query.

The forum comprises several sections, so click on the “New topic“ link of the specific section for your query.

As you scroll down the main forum page, you will see each section with their respective newer posts (lighter background) in between the section headings (gray background).

NB! Anything related to MQL4 or MetaTrader 4, irrespective of whatever other sections may seem appropriate, should be placed in the "MQL4 and MetaTrader 4" section, which can be found at the very end of the forum sections.

Fernando Carreiro  

Forum on trading, automated trading systems and testing trading strategies

General rules and best pratices of the Forum.

Fernando Carreiro, 2023.09.07 13:46

A few more points to consider:

  • The forum is for posting questions and answers about MetaTrader, MQL and other MetaQuotes related services.
  • Refrain from posting other content in the forum (e.g. technical analysis, news events, trading advice, etc.). Post it on your forum wall or in your blog.
  • Post only if you have a proper question or something useful with which to contribute to a discussion, otherwise it will be considered spamming or trolling.
  • Don't use "Artificial Intelligence” to generate automated answers. They will be removed.
  • Self-promotion or advertising is not allowed on the forum. Consider posting such content in your blog.
  • Direct or indirect advertising of products or signals is not allowed on the forum.
  • Recommendations or suggestions for products or signals are not allowed on the forum. Please do your own research.
  • Discussing specific products or signals is not allowed on the forum. Please do your own research.
  • Ask the seller for support. The forum can only be used for general purpose discussions about market products or signal services.
  • Discussing 3rd party products and services is not allowed on the forum. Please do your own research.
  • Broker recommendations or suggestions are not allowed on the forum (see Broker selection).
  • In this the English forum, please post in English. Either use the automatic translation tool, or post in one of the other language forums.
  • Don’t post on MetaQuotes threads which are intended only for the dissemination of informative or educational content.
  • Search before you post. Your question may have already been discussed multiple times on the forum.
  • Don't post the same topic multiple times. Post only once and in a relevant thread or forum section.
  • Requests for coding should be placed in Freelance section, not the forum.
  • Improperly formatted code will be removed. Please use the CODE button (Alt-S) when inserting code.
  • Don't request or discuss about decompiled code. Decompilation violates the terms and conditions, copyright laws and intellectual property rights.
  • Don't request help for ChatGPT generated code. It generates horrible code, mixing MQL4 and MQL5. Please use the Freelance section for such requests.
  • Always provide sufficient technical details ... How to report technical issues?
  • For financial issues, please contact the Service Desk (they will reply, so please be patient).
  • Make sure you only have one "MQL5 Community" account, otherwise it will be a violation of Terms and Conditions — 12.11. The User shall use only one unique MQL5 ID on the website
  • To delete your "MQL5 Community" account, please contact the Service Desk .