group name truncated


Hello fellow coders, I have an issue with variable group names in MT5, they are for some reason truncated. This is happening with all EAs, irrespective the length of the group name...

input group "Order Parameters"
input double InpLots          =0.1; // Lots
input int    InpTakeProfit    =50;  // Take Profit (in pips)
input int    InpTrailingStop  =30;  // Trailing Stop Level (in pips)

input group "Indicators Parameters"
input int    InpMACDOpenLevel =3;   // MACD open level (in pips)
input int    InpMACDCloseLevel=2;   // MACD close level (in pips)
input int    InpMATrendPeriod =26;  // MA trend period

And this is the result, the names are truncated!

Anyone seen this before?


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It was reported on Russian forum (post and post ), and it was already fixed on the beta build 3898


Well, just add two blank at the beginning:

input group "  Order Parameters"

And use the code button to post code:


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Got it, the two blank at the beginning did the trick for now!

Sorry about formatting the code, it will not happen again....

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