MT5 terminal is unable to connect to servers in hyper-v vm.


I just setup a vps using hyper-v vm in windows server 2022. The vps has internet connection, but MT5 terminal is unable to find any broker or connect to any account. I'm using version 3902.

Even when i try to open demo account with MetaQuotes, the account type is not available.

I'm still able to connect to my community account, download Expert Advisor from market and do other things. Just cannot connect to any account or find broker.

So far i've tried to disable firewall and antivirus with no success. I'm at my wits end here. Any help is much appreciated!


I do not know anything about "vps using hyper-v vm in windows server 2022" sorry ....
But I know that Windows should be on 64-bit, and Internet Explorer (or Microsoft Edge) should be installed on computer/VPS.

As to the error so check Metatrader journal for error number (about what was written there).