Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) Financial Stability Review

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Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) Financial Stability Review is published twice a year, in spring and autumn. It provides an analysis of current conditions in the national financial systems, as well as potential risks to financial stability.

The Financial Stability Review consists of 5-6 boxes on topics of special interest regarding risks to the country's financial system stability. For example, one box may be devoted to global risks, the other one may discuss changes in the calculation base, the third box describes the interest rate, etc. Also, the review always includes 2-3 articles on different topic, devoted to Australia's financial system.

The publication of the Financial Stability Review is a regular event, which rarely causes any changes in the markets. In fact, this is just an ordered analysis of the situation. The review does not carry a news component, while it contains information, which is already known to interested market participants. However, from the point of view of analysis and visibility, the Financial Stability Review is traditionally of high interest among economists.