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The function searches for an object with the specified name in the chart with the specified ID.

int  ObjectFind(
   long    chart_id,     // chart identifier
   string  name          // object name



[in]  Chart identifier. 0 means the current chart.


[in]  The name of the searched object.

Return Value

If successful the function returns the number of the subwindow (0 means the main window of the chart), in which the object is found. If the object is not found, the function returns a negative number. To read more about the error call GetLastError().


When an object is renamed, two events are formed simultaneously. These events can be handled in an Expert Advisor or indicator by the OnChartEvent() function:

  • an event of deletion of an object with the old name;
  • an event of creation of an object with a new name.

Updated: 2015.12.03