GRat IndiTrade: Bollinger Bands

GRat IndiTrade: Bollinger Bands

1 February 2023, 17:45
Ivan Titov

GRat IndiTrade example: Bollinger Bands

Attached are templates with settings for all strategies (even more), described in Learn how to design a trading system by Bollinger Bands. But unlike the originals, which only display messages on the chart, these strategies can automatically trade in MT5, in MT4 (using GRat_OrderImport (MT4)) and on crypto exchanges (using GRat_BinanceImport or GRat_Crypto). Just install GRat IndiTrade and apply the appropriate template to the desired chart.

Trading Signals

BBTrend - combined Uptrend and Downtrend:

  • Ask >= Middle line and Ask < Upper band --> buy signal
  • Bid <= Middle line and Bid < Lower band --> sell signal

Note: if the current price is near the Upper/Lower band for a long time, it will generate too many signals. To reduce their number, you can add some offset from the Upper/Lower band to the Middle line to the 2nd comparison:

or you can make it wait for a rollback beyond the Middle line and its re-crossing:

There should be only one open position at any time:

BBSideways - combined Long and Short:

  • Ask touches the Lower band --> buy signal
  • Bid touches the Upper band --> sell signal

To exclude consecutive entries in the same direction:

Position Management

BBTrend - combined Uptrend and Downtrend close:

  • Bid > Upper band --> close long
  • Ask < Lower band --> close short

BBSideways - positions are closed at opposite signals:

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