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The VR ATR Pro indicator is a powerful professional tool for determining target levels on a particular financial instrument. The indicator effectiveness has been proven by thousands of tests on both real and demo accounts. VR ATR Pro is an indicator that works on real data using live real statistics.

Statistics are stubborn things, using real statistics in mathematical calculations allows you to calculate accurate target levels for a financial instrument.

Detailed description of the indicator and read the settings ▶ blog.

Program version ▶ MetaTrader 5


The indicator has a number of advantages, we will list only a portion of them:

  • High accuracy.
  • Simple display of target levels directly on the chart.
  • Works with any financial instrument (Forex, Metals, CFD, Futures, Crypto).
  • It does not redraw itself, and it always saves its readings.
  • It is effective for determining the Stop Loss and Take Profit levels.
  • Notifications on your smartphone, via e-mail and alerts in MetaTrader.
  • MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 versions of the indicator are exactly the same.
  • It is easy to setup and install.
  • It is suitable both for beginners and experienced traders.
  • It works on any period and any time frame.


  • The indicator calculation period must be less than the indicator Timeframe. 
  • Use the calculation of readings accuracy in the settings for new financial instruments.
  • Use the indicator to calculate levels for daily periods or longer periods.
  • Use the indicator in conjunction with your trading system.
  • Set Take Profits inside the levels, and Stop Losses outside the levels.
  • Use a calculation period greater than 10 to get the most accurate results. 
  • It is better to avoid trading if the price has reached the level calculated by the indicator.

Operation algorithm

The indicator's algorithm is based on a mathematical calculation of the average price movement over the specified time period. The period indicator detects and remembers the number of points passed during the period. The indicator, using a mathematical formula calculates the average price levels for the forecast of the growth rates and the forecast of prices fall.

Thanks to use of real data, the indicator does not redraw and shows high accuracy.

The indicator can be compared to the battery indicator in your phone. You know that on average, your phone loses charge in 12-16 hours of use. Similarly, the VR ATR Pro indicator calculates the movement: if the day before yesterday the price moved 50 points, yesterday the price moved 60 points, today 55, then tomorrow the probability that the price will move average 55 points is almost 99%.

The program displays two levels on the chart:

  • The upper level is the predicted level of the price's upwards movement
  • The lower level is the predicted level of the price's downwards movement

Levels can be displayed as areas that deviate from the exact level. This allows you to calculate prices within the statistical deviation range.

Readings accuracy

The program does not show signals to buy or sell a financial instrument. The VR ATR Pro indicator calculates the target levels to which the price is aiming, the levels for which the price has enough strength and energy to reach.  These levels can be used to set Stop Loss and Take Profit values.

To calculate the indicator's accuracy, it is advisable to perform a calculation based on the principle of how many times in history the price reached the levels calculated by the indicator. This way we will know the indicator's accuracy.

It is important to note that one goal, two goals, or no goals can be achieved in a single period.

Conditions for calculating VR ATR Pro indicator accuracy

  1. 5 decimals.
  2. The number of periods to count is 100.
  3. The period for calculating levels is 10.
  4. Timeframe for calculating - Daily.
  5. The calculation date 18.10.2019 – 09.03.2020.
  6. The time frame for displaying the indicator is 1 hour.

Currency pair EUR / USD Readings accuracy 88%
Currency pair GBP / USD Readings accuracy 78%
Currency pair BTC / USD Readings accuracy 75%

Bewertungen 12
Rafael Cadosch
Rafael Cadosch 2020.06.15 23:54 

A must tool

adam7samuel 2018.09.23 00:51 

LOVE IT so much !! thank you !

OLEG SVERDLOV 2020.07.21 19:01   

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Rafael Cadosch
Rafael Cadosch 2020.06.15 23:54 

A must tool

Vitali Kadel
Vitali Kadel 2020.06.13 20:18   

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Palmix 2018.11.24 22:59   

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adam7samuel 2018.09.23 00:51 

LOVE IT so much !! thank you !

Qun Li
Qun Li 2018.08.30 03:21 

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Tim Eubanks
Tim Eubanks 2018.03.21 03:28   

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Maksym Mudrakov
Maksym Mudrakov 2016.08.31 06:01   

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Rodrigo da Silva Boa
Rodrigo da Silva Boa 2015.11.26 05:00   

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Harikrishnabhai Patel
Harikrishnabhai Patel 2015.09.19 09:44   

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Pavel Pavlov
Pavel Pavlov 2014.12.05 12:42   

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Artem Salamatov
Artem Salamatov 2014.10.09 08:02   

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Version 20.60 2020.06.14
Code optimization for new build terminal
Version 20.57 2020.05.27
Code optimization
Error correction
Version 20.31 2020.03.16
code optimization
Version 20.30 2020.03.14
Levels as areas - you can use areas to set the offset from the originally calculated level as a percentage (Percentage for the area).
Added the ability to calculate the accuracy of entry on a financial instrument (Show the accuracy of the indicator).
Added the ability to change the size of text labels.
Added the ability to change the size and position of notification buttons.
Added the ability to select notification buttons.
Translations of settings into Russian and English.
dded PDF documentation.

Sending alerts - now alerts are sent once after clicking the button. to resend the notification, click the button with the notification type.
Calculation of levels optimized and accelerated.
Version 18.80 2018.08.21
Optimization :
Fixed an issue with the indicator operation in the strategy tester.
Version 18.60 2018.06.25
The indicator has been revised from scratch.
Unnecessary windows have been removed.
Indicator operation speed has been increased.
Version 16.1 2016.01.22
Fixed spelling errors.
Version 15.111 2015.11.24
Fixed display when changing objects by X and Y axes
Version 15.110 2015.11.23
Indicator has been rewritten from scratched. Old bugs are fixed, design is improved, new functionality and color setup are added.
Version 15.70 2015.06.29
Some minor improvements at users' request!
Version 15.61 2015.06.04

Names of the buttons. Names of the buttons are well-arranged now.
High 10 Days, Low 10 Days,
ATR High Current, ATR Low Current,
His ATR High, His ATR Low

Objects are removed when removing the indicator.
Version 15.6 2015.06.01
Displaying stats on history.
Forecast and result are now displayed for the last 10 days, while previously the readings were shown only for the current day.
Version 15.5 2015.04.30
The indicator display in the new builds.
Operation of the button for enabling/disabling the indicator.

The ability to import the indicator functions to Expert Advisors and indicators (see the description).
Version 15.3 2015.03.25
Deletion of objects during removal of the indicator.
Version 15.2 2015.02.05
A button for minimizing the indicator.

Addition made based on users' request.
Version 14.12 2014.12.16
Fixed displaying of information with respect to new terminal builds.