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The indicator is based on the calculation of price movement for the specified amount of days. The indicator calculates the average price movement from the opening price of each day, thus calculating and showing the average price movement potential. The indicator forecasts levels for the current period based on historical data.


  • Time Frame - data calculation period (value not less than PERIOD_D1 is recommended)
  • Period - amount of periods for calculation
  • Show Period - amount of periods for display
  • History High - color of High historical levels
  • History Low - color of Low historical levels
  • History Atr High - color of Atr High historical levels
  • History Atr Low - color of Atr Low historical levels
  • Current Atr High - Atr High forecast level color
  • Current Atr Low - Atr Low forecast level color
  • Number - color of period numbers
  • Price Upper - color of text labels in windows with prices and points for values exceeding the previous ones
  • Price Lower - color of text labels in windows with prices and points for values below the previous ones
  • Prefix - two letters used to mark all graphical objects
  • X Position - main button's X position
  • Y Position - main button's Y position

Button Values

  • Price - show the window with prices for the last 10 periods except for the current one
  • Point - show the window with points for the last 10 periods except for the current one
  • Forecast Up - button displaying the estimated price growth for the current period
  • Forecast Dw - button displaying the estimated price fall for the current period
  • History Up - display historical estimated price growth levels
  • History Dw - display historical estimated price fall levels
  • History Hi - display High levels on history
  • History Lo - display Low levels on history

Every day millions of buyers and million of sellers are involved in trading on the Forex market. How to find out who is stronger and who pushes the currency pair up or down? Depending on the strength of buyers, the price can be above the opening price of the day, and depending on the strength of sellers the price can be lower than the opening price of the day. If we analyze the intraday price movement for the last few days, we can see which ones were stronger. If the price regularly breaks through the highs and moves upward more than downward, this means that the market is dominated by buyers. In the opposite case the market is dominated by sellers. This indicator carries out calculations for a specified amount of periods. When the buttons Forecast Up and Forecast Dw remain pressed, the indicator will draw average values for the current period. Thus, we get the advisable levels for placing stop loss and take profit. Also, the indicator shows the potential price movement: if Forecast Up is greater than Forecast Dw, then the market is dominated by buyers and selling is not recommended, you should consider buying. Every day the price can potentially go up or down. If Forecast Up is 270, then the average course of the price can be up to 270 points and the increase of 650 points is unlikely. If Forecast Dw is 600, then it is sensible to place Take Profit within 600 points limit and a chance of the course of 600 points is much greater.


For most accurate market entries, the indicator is recommended to be used together with your main trading strategy.

It is recommended that you open positions in the direction of the main trend of the day.

Trading is not recommended if Forecast Up and Forecast Dw are roughly equal.

The indicator has been developed as an addition to the VR Trade Panel.

The application has been compiled in build 910 of MetaTrader 4 and requires build 910 or higher.

Maksym Mudrakov
2016.08.31 06:01 

Отличный индикатор!

Rodrigo da Silva Boa
2015.11.26 05:00 

Bom Indicador, Parabens ao autor.

2015.09.19 09:44 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Pavel Pavlov
2014.12.05 12:42 

респект автору за альтруизм!

Artem Salamatov
2014.10.09 08:02   

Владимиру спасибо за такой хороший индикатор, использую его в качестве фильтра к своей основной стратегии.

Version 16.1 - 2016.01.22
Fixed spelling errors.
Version 15.111 - 2015.11.24
Fixed display when changing objects by X and Y axes
Version 15.110 - 2015.11.23
Indicator has been rewritten from scratched. Old bugs are fixed, design is improved, new functionality and color setup are added.
Version 15.70 - 2015.06.29
Some minor improvements at users' request!
Version 15.61 - 2015.06.04

Names of the buttons. Names of the buttons are well-arranged now.
High 10 Days, Low 10 Days,
ATR High Current, ATR Low Current,
His ATR High, His ATR Low

Objects are removed when removing the indicator.
Version 15.6 - 2015.06.01
Displaying stats on history.
Forecast and result are now displayed for the last 10 days, while previously the readings were shown only for the current day.
Version 15.5 - 2015.04.30
The indicator display in the new builds.
Operation of the button for enabling/disabling the indicator.

The ability to import the indicator functions to Expert Advisors and indicators (see the description).
Version 15.3 - 2015.03.25
Deletion of objects during removal of the indicator.
Version 15.2 - 2015.02.05
A button for minimizing the indicator.

Addition made based on users' request.
Version 14.12 - 2014.12.16
Fixed displaying of information with respect to new terminal builds.