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Blahtech Supply Demand

Supply Demand uses previous price action to identify potential imbalances between buyers and sellers. The key is to identify the better odds zones, not just the untouched ones.

Blahtech Supply Demand indicator delivers functionality previously unavailable on any trading platform. This 4-in-1 indicator not only highlights the higher probability zones using a multi-criteria strength engine, but also combines it with multi-timeframe trend analysis, previously confirmed swings and engulfing detectors. Driven by an easy to use interface and innovative backtest mode this indicator is a must-have for all supply demand traders.

Feature Highlights

  • Multi-timeframe display
  • Backtest directly on the chart
  • Summary panel
  • Multi-timeframe trend analysis
  • Confirmed swings (high and low QPoints)
  • Zone strength engine (seven criteria)
  • Advanced level detection (peaks, consolidations, drop-base-drops)
  • Quarterly and Yearly levels
  • Control of overlapping levels
  • Configurable level information
  • Fast access hot-keys
  • Alerts
  • Engulfing detector - Multi-timeframe
  • Visibility Filters (customisable)
  • Old zones (broken levels or trend changes)
  • Highlight of Nested zones

Developers - iCustom buffers

Twenty four buffers, see full documentation for details

Full parameter documentation - https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/700820

Input Parameters

Solo Timeframe 1

  • Zone Style - Draw style for solo boxes on the chart. Hotkey “Z”

Timeframe 1

  • Visible – Show/Hide boxes. Hotkey “1”
  • Timeframe – (default current)
  • Timeframe Map
  • Style and colours parameters

Timeframe 2

Same as Timeframe 1

Timeframe 3

Same as Timeframe 1

Timeframe 4

  • Timeframe
  • Timeframe Map

Q Points

  • QPoints - Display high low swing points on the chart. Hot-key “Q”
  • Min Range - Min size for a valid swing (6)
  • Min Retrace - Min pullback (50%)
  • Min Approach – Min approach peak (27%)


  • Summary - Show / Hide the Summary dialog. Hotkey “S”
  • Engulfings - Show
  • Engulfings – Num Bars Search, Min size, Max tail, SL – Configure the engulfings
  • Trend – Overlaps, Modes, Risk Reward, Method, Extended – Configure the trend
  • Highlight SupDem in QPoint – Strength (0-8) – Adjust the highlighting

Hot Keys

  • Hot Keys - Show / Hide the dialog. Hot-key “H”
  • With Trend Scores - Take account of the overall trend in scores. Hot-key “W”
  • Detection Mode - Cycle through modes Hot-key “D”
  • Overlaps -Display overlapping zones. Hot-key “O”
  • Info Text - Display info at zones on the chart. Hot-key “I”
  • Prices - Display prices at levels. Hot-key “P” “P”
  • Left Info - Switch info left / right. Hot-key “U”
  • Extend Box Beyond End - Draw the boxes so they don’t obscure the candles. Hot-key “X”
  • Highlight Nested Zones - Display graphic at corners when nested in higher timeframes. Hotkey “#”
  • Flip Prices - Change draw order of prices so one is visible Hot-key “F”

Strength Engine

  • Strong Zones Mode - Relax criteria for strong zones. Hotkey “=”
  • Base Forming Hours
  • Strong Levels – Score(0-8)
  • Strong Levels – Max Retouch
  • Base Tolerance
  • Stop Loss Buffer
  • Initial Move Filter
  • Significant Move
  • Clean Arrival
  • Base Num Candles
  • Base Extra Candle – Timeframe
  • Base Extra Candle – Additional Tolerance
  • Base Tolerance – Consolidation

Visibility Filters

  • Filters - Enable/Clear the filters for all levels. Hotkey “]”
  • Strength (0-8)
  • Risk Reward
  • Min Bars
  • Max Bars
  • Max touches
  • Strong
  • Engulfing
  • Wick Size
  • Overall move
  • Initial move

Old Zones

  • Mode - Hotkey “;”
  • Style - Hotkey “’”
  • Filters - Hotkey “[“
  • Filters - Strength (0-8), Risk Reward, Min/Max bars/touches, Strong, Engulf, Wick size, Move sizes
  • Broken – Colours x4
  • Trend – Colours x2


  • Popup
  • Email
  • Notification
  • Levels - Broken
  • Levels - Touches
  • Levels – New Zones
  • Levels - Trend Change
  • Levels - Overall Trend Change
  • Levels – Filter Mode
  • Sound Wav File
  • Startup Delay Seconds
  • Message Text
  • Email Subject
  • Email Body

Other Parameters

  • Instance Id
  • High Low Deviation
  • Retouch Deviation
  • Zone Gap Deviation
  • Risk Percent
  • Recalculate Min Move
  • Backtest Mode Expire Time
  • Max Bars
  • Info Custom Format
  • Tooltips
  • Tooltips Custom Format
  • Hot Keys Map
  • Cache State
  • GMT Offset - Use Daylight Savings
  • GMT Offset - Manual GMT offset in seconds
anonymouse73 2019.04.29 20:34 

Best SD indicator ever. Zero lag on CPU despite a boatload of useful features. Backtest mode is the bomb. You can tell these guys know what they're doing. Highly recommended if you're an SD trader

tradertb 2019.04.12 15:00 

Isn't any better than the free ones out there. Certainly isn't worth $200

Lev Vladimirovic Marushkin
Lev Vladimirovic Marushkin 2018.12.28 06:56 

Still testing... but so far....best SD i have ever used. World Class SD Indicator. Backtest directly on chart is priceless.

FYMD 2018.12.13 10:28 

This is a professional Indicator with plenty of flexibility built in, utilizing very little of your CPU power for all its calculations and drawings. For those interested in incorporating this indi within an EA, the extensive array of the i-costume calls to this indicator makes it an invaluable addition, saving you countless hours. This indicators along with ADR and the Market profiles indicators, all written by Blahtech team, are a must have for any professional trader. The backtest feature of the program (which is also built in the other two aforementioned Indies) is a very unique feature allowing the users to test and view his or her own ideas on the fly! The only thing I would recommend improving on with this indicator is a more thorough explanation of the features and the methods used for calculating different variables used in the program. But despite that shortcoming, the indicator itself is a 10 star and well worth the price. Thank you Blahtech for this great product.

Fachreza Akbar
Fachreza Akbar 2018.03.21 23:59 

activation is lost after windows update. how to fix it

jasonckb 2018.03.18 12:37 

Excellent product. It is a very good Supply and Demand indicator which can draw the zone extremely accurate, and all the functions can be toggle in the hotkey panel or by short cut keys. Though the trader need to choose the zone to trade by his own experience (there is no holy grail in the trading world!) but this does not discount its usefulness as a supply and demand trading tool. Extremely user friendly and very good in presentation. The backtest key is just awesome making visual backtest and learning how those zones to be taken out by price action very easy.

Firestarter 2017.07.17 23:03 

This indicator a tool that a trader must have. Its a masterpiece. Its include a video manual that you can watch, the presenter voice very clear and lovely too..:)

alexm001 2017.07.07 16:43 

Rented for a month to test it out, this is exactly what I have been looking for. Will definitely buy at the end of the month. Cheers guys

Iwan Iskandar
Iwan Iskandar 2017.06.18 13:28 

Excellent indicator, keeps me out from making bad trades, thank you

samsurie 2017.05.06 16:58 

very helpful and highly recommended indicator

thanks a lot blahtech

Hami Jam
Hami Jam 2017.05.03 12:15 

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Fx taster
Fx taster 2017.03.23 16:39 

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arhfx 2017.01.11 23:25 

Thank you Blahtech! If Supply and Demand is a serious component in your trading method then this is a must purchase. I have searched for a very long time for a professional, MTF SD indicator and there is nothing as comprehensive or as professionally compiled as this one, it's amazing. The Q points feature, MTF trend indication and the backtest facility are my favourite features, allowing me to carry out so much strategy backtesting on the fly which has increased the confidence in my own strategies no end.

10/10 for detail, build quality and for the information supplied in the user video and the user manual supplied by the programmer….In my opinion, you get what you pay for and I will be definitely checking out the other complimentary indicators they sell too. Very happy..Thanks a lot guys.

Brian Smith
Brian Smith 2016.09.16 18:20 

I love the Multi-Time Frame functionality! Simply Amazing! Further this works great when combining with Bollinger Bands during consolidations and trading at the Market Extremums. Well-done! Keep this thing updated!

Uwe Schubert
Uwe Schubert 2016.05.23 17:15 

Endlich! Dieses Tool übernimmt die tägliche "Drecksarbeit" des Zeichnens von Widerständen und Unterstützungen. Ein MUSS für jeden seriösen Trader. Jeden Cent wert.

jdroid 2016.04.29 03:21 

Terrific Indicator! What sets it apart from anything else out there is 1. shows up to 3 MTF S/D levels. 2. shows the trend on MTFs - based on S/D being taken out on those TFs. 3. The direct backtest is amazing - you can easily pinpoint what any of the above were at any historical point on the chart. 4. quickly and easily change all the settings with simple hotkeys directly on the chart. Free Demo is fully functional on the Strategy tester to try for yourself.

uksnowman 2016.03.22 12:45 

I've had supply and demand as part of my trader's toolbox for quite some time but now with Blahtech SD the ability to quickly visualise the levels brings instant clarity to my charts. I was delighted to discover the backtest feature to help hone the skills further without the need for separate programs/tools. Other neat touches are the zone scoring system and a very handy trend summary which allows me to keep an eye on the bigger picture. Compliments to the architects who have crafted an MT4 indicator into an invaluable piece of software!

Paul Phillips
Paul Phillips 2016.03.17 19:57 

I once was a blind man!!

The Blahtech S&D software has really helped to make me aware of just how much information is available if you only understand where to look for it. On top of the very clear core functionality which aids in establishing the location of supply and demand levels, this indicator is packed with very useful additional features and well thought out keyboard short-cuts which just make using it a pleasure. I'm happy to say that this tool paid for its self within hours of downloading it and it has already become an established part of my daily analysis routine.

Tim Weston
Tim Weston 2016.03.15 22:08 

Der Benutzer hat keinen Kommentar hinterlassen

yanina013 2016.02.23 14:31 

Dear Blahtech - Thank you for the unique product, that I never managed to come across before. It is finally saved me 3 hours a day of manual charting! Your indicator picks levels perfectly, and sometimes even those that my human eye misses.

I love the back testing and overlap functions that allows going back in time and seeing how price behaved through the levels more markets to cover now and profits to make! I also love the trend indicator functions, that allows to track trend on all time frames, and you can immediately see when trend has changed.

Version 2.8 2019.06.19
- Add options to draw multi timeframe Q Points on the chart
- Add GUI tab within HUD panel for control of filter parameters
- Add extra filters for Nested Levels, Zone Size and Min Price Away
- Change default values for live filters to disabled
- Add option to choose method for Zone Height calculation - Default/Whole Body/Entire Candle
- Add parameters to limit zone height "Zone Height Min" and "Zone Height Max"
- Add iCustom Buffers for QPoint 1 Top Bar and QPoint 1 Bot Bar
- Add option to display Total Move in custom format
- Left clicking any description in the Hud Panel now resets the value back to its input parameter version

- Change defaults to display more features on chart at startup
- Check UserTickSize to stop divide by zero error
- Check for empty iCustom buffer
Version 2.7 2018.05.30
- Option to disable highlighting of Strong Zones
- Option to use Current Timeframe only for Overall Trend
- Parameter to change corner anchor of Summary Display
- Added Sup/Dem button to show only supplies or demands
- Added filter for number of retouches
- Added filter for levels that were formed by engulfing pattern
- Added filter for max price away
- Added filter for age of old zones in bars
- Support alerts for trend changes
- Support alerts for overall trend changes
Version 2.5 2017.08.29
- Support alerts for QPoint touches and breaks
- Support alerts for up to 3 timeframes
- Support inverted zone styles for the multi timeframe display
- Remember hotkey states when restarting terminal
- Support iCustom calls with 64+ parameters by using a set file

- Add tooltips to nested zone graphics
- Add reserved keys parameter to prevent clashes with other products
Version 2.2 2017.04.06
- Support additional timeframes
- Support alerts for engulfings
- Draw zones one bar back if the conterminous line originates there
- Changed colour and font of QPoints label when range greater than 15x average size
- Separated old and active filters to simplify usage
- Added advanced iCustom buffers for timeframes two and three
- Added second demo mode to show extra timeframes
= Summary Panel
- Support clicking on timeframe values to show/hide zones
- Support clicking on QPoint values to change focus
- Disabled highlighting of QPoint value in pink/blue when range is less than 15x average range
- Modified highlighting of SupDem values to only use pink/blue
= Hotkeys
- Reversed the order of hotkey changes when "Shift" key is pressed
- Nudge both start and end of zones one bar forward when "X" key is pressed

- Remember the QPoint timeframe set by the user when switching chart timeframes
- Fixed the average bar size to match version 1.0 values (regression bug)
- Rebuild with latest compiler for MetaTrader platform changes
- Changed all global variables to be constant expressions
Version 2.1 2017.01.19
- Resolved issues with iCustom calls

- Reduced overhead each tick to optimise Expert Advisor performance
- Added Expert Advisor mode to skip creation and drawing of objects
Version 2.0 2016.12.09
New Features
- Alerts - User customisable
- Engulfing detector - Multi-timeframe
- Filters - User configurable visibility filters
- Old Zones - Choice of broken levels or trend changes
- Nested Zones - Highlight levels that are nested within higher timeframe zones
- iCustom - Add buffers for developers

- Info - Add bubble scores
- Scores - Normalise with-trend scores so they are always out of 8
- Timeframes - Change mappings for M1 to M1/M5/M30
- Strength Engine Mode - Allow user to relax the criteria for a strong zone
- Calc Mode - Add option to disable incremental calculations
- Demo Mode - Allow user to switch between default and demo settings
= Summary display:
- Show icons when filters are active
- Highlight "extended" trend in deeper colour
- Support clicking then dragging panel to new location
= Hotkey display:
- Add verbose display
- Allow user to change value by clicking on the rows
- Support clicking then dragging panel to new location
- Highlight values that have changed from input parameter settings

- Summary - Do not highlight countertrend levels when all three trends align
- Scores - Change so the user enters 0-8 rather than 0.0-1.0 for the strong zone scores
- Trend - Support DBD levels changing trend
- Hotkeys - Update position when window height is changed
- Backtest - Use TimeLocal for backtest expire so it works when market is closed
- Reset - Force clear and redraw of all objects on Reset

- Candle parser - Rewrite candle parse to enable old zones

- Implement incremental calculations to reduce CPU usage
- Only refresh each tick if next level has been touched or broken
- Only redraw Hotkey display if chart width has changed

New Hotkeys
- "9" - Demo mode
- "=" - Strength Mode
- "]" - Filters - All Zones
- "[" - Filters - Old Zones
- ";" - Old Zones
- "'" - Old Zones Style
- "#" - Nested Zones

Developers and parameters
- Developers - Twenty five iCustom buffers
- Parameters - Fifty extra parameters to control new features
- See documentation for details http://www.blahtech.co.uk/supplydemand
Version 1.1 2016.04.12
- Bug Fix : Chart Zones - Hotkey "X" wasn't working on MN1 timeframe
- Enhancement : Chart Zones - Add new Hotkey "Z" - Zone style (Applies to solo timeframe only)
- Enhancement : Summary View - Highlight Active QPoint and differentiate between in the middle (---) and no QPoints ( )
- Enhancement : Summary View - Change overall trend to use "Two Adjacent" rather than "Best Of Three"
- Enhancement : Summary View - Improve Trend detection when we bust the top
- Enhancement : Summary View - Improve SupDem highlighting to focus on QPoints as well as Trend
- Enhancement : Summary View - Add Input parameter - Highlight SupDem in QPoint - Level Strength
- Enhancement : Summary View - Shift text right one space when in full mode
- Enhancement : Daylight Savings - UseDaylightSavings parameter - Change default to true
- Enhancement : High Res Displays - WindowsDesktopScaling - Add parameter to support desktop scaling for 4K and other high res screens
- Performance : Backtest Mode - Do not recalculate every tick when in backtest mode