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Easy to use, using averaging algorithms grid adviser. The unlocked multiplier of the volume of the first transaction will increase your risks, and the deposit protection function will limit your risk and possible losses as a result of trading in inflated volumes.

Advisor Options
  • Autmaticaly calculates MagicNumber    -ExpertNumber (-1)
  • Risk                                                       -Risk for first trade in grid (fixed), or deposite procent  (Unlocked, recommended to use only for micro                                                                   accounts)
  • SafeEquityRisk                                       -Upon reaching a drawdown on the specified percentage of the deposit, the closing of all transactions                                                                   (0- Off)
  • GridTP                                                  -Group TakeProfit(0-AUTO)
  • GridSL                                                  -Group StopLoss of transactions(0-AUTO)

The minimum number of settings, all originally laid in the expert. Especially not demanding for the proposed broker conditions algorithm. Preferred timeframe H1, the spread can be floating, the currency pair is not fixed and can be determined on the history of the expected drawdown of the deposit in the testing process. In case of independent selection of Stop-Loss, it is necessary to take into account the specifics of this expert, with the possibility of placing a grid of orders against the direction of the main transaction, with a drawdown of 100 to 400 points.

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