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Vr Trade Panel

VR Trade panel is a multi-functional trading panel that can operate in two modes - virtual and real.

VR Trade Panel can be used on a real account, on a demo account and in the strategy tester.

In the Strategy Tester the panel can be used as a tool for acquiring trading skills or as a tool for manual testing of trading systems on historical data.

VR Trade Panel simplifies and speeds up operation in MetaTrader 4, and has a great set of highly customizable parameters.

The following functions are available:

  • Order opening in one click.
  • Order closing/deleting in one click.
  • Partial manual closure of orders.
  • Modification of Stop Loss and Take Profit using a mouse.
  • Time based order closing/deleting.
  • Closing all orders based on their type.
  • Order reversal.
  • Breakeven function.
  • Trailing Stop function.
  • Display of information about the order, account, used instrument (Information).
  • Placing virtual pending orders.
  • Display and setup of a graphics grid.
  • Display and setup of trading sessions
  • Display and setup of a price alert.

You can download HELP of the program: (in chm format).

If the manual does not open, unlock it in the document properties.

You can test the demo version VR Trade Panel Demo

Demo Version Limitations

Only minimal fixed lot, it is uneditable.


In the virtual mode, orders to close, modify, remove and open orders are sent from your terminal.
A broker's server has only an open price or a price of pending order placement. If your MetaTrader 4 terminal is closed or does not have Internet connection, your orders are not controlled, requests to close or modify are not executed.
Before terminal shutdown, it is recommended to enable the real trading mode. Once all orders are set to real mode, the terminal can be closed.
Consider this information while working.

Features are subject to change with new updates.

Technical support is available for the program:

The program is developed by the founder of Trading-Go Projects.

Aussie_Trader 2019.02.22 09:25 

I looked at many order management utilities before I bought this. Excellent product and a MUST HAVE for manual trading. The virtual SL & TP have saved me from the brokers many times already. Works flawlessly, simple and intuitive to use

Crunch007 2018.11.15 21:33 

It contains everything I need. Clean and carefully considered.

Great product. Great price.

Thanks for your work.

Svyatoslav Kuznetsov
Svyatoslav Kuznetsov 2018.07.31 10:42 

Удобная панель. Упрощает торговлю.

Eduard Bartashevich
Eduard Bartashevich 2017.09.24 12:00 

Спасибо Владимир за помощника в торговле. Все отлично. Еще бы частичную фиксацию ордеров сделать с условием/без условия перевода остатка ордера в б/у.

Yuriy Taskin
Yuriy Taskin 2017.08.06 18:15 

Удобно, но использую только в качестве тестера стратегий.

На реале, при запуске или изменении любых настроек, все тейки и стопы сбрасывает.

При большом количестве сделок, особенно при использовании усреднения, данная утилита может принести много проблем.

Да простит меня автор, но больше тройки поставить не могу.

В качестве тестера стратегий, это пожалуй лучший инструмент.

Ilya Krasheninnikov
Ilya Krasheninnikov 2017.07.19 23:05 


Vladimir_Elliott Vladimir Goloubov
Vladimir_Elliott Vladimir Goloubov 2017.07.14 13:38   

Владимир, добрый день.

Вчера купил советник.У меня также есть IceFx.TraderAgent,который я использую около 3 лет и я с уверенностью могу сказать, что Ваш по многим показателям намного удобнее!!!Я очень доволен и покупкой и ,что в России есть такого высокого уровня программисты!!!!

Здоровья и удачи Вам!!!

Благодарю Вас за отличную работу!!!

Просьба: в параметры советника добавить цвет и параметры для линии отложенных ордеров.

С уважением, Владимир Голубов.

Алекс 2017.04.29 19:03 

Моё мнение о : ​​«VR --- TRADE-панели" - это действительно блестящий продукт, предлагаемый по очень разумной цене.

Настолько прост в использовании и в то же время очень эффективный в моей ручной торговли. Не получалось с установкой, Владимир откликнулся через 20 минут я открыл ему доступ к компу и он всё настроил. PS- читайте ИНСТРУКЦИЮ :)

Спасибо еще раз , это очень полезный инструмент.

С уважением Александр Н.

cdmax 2016.11.25 14:28 

This is a excellent EA and the best program for one click trading I've ever use. it's really worth to have it.

eboarder 2016.02.17 15:51 

Very usefull for my trading style. I can set my limit orders and don't have to worry. Automatic Breakeven. Saves me a lot of time.

Александр Настюхин
Александр Настюхин 2015.10.22 11:51 

Я раньше пользовался бесплатной версией а теперь перешол на эту версию, отличная работа благодарю. С уважением Александр.

Sam Pat
Sam Pat 2015.10.11 18:23 

Hello Vladimir,

I have been using your free version of "vr-stealth-pro" for few weeks now and find it to be "very well thought out" product.

Today after watching the video, I bought your "vr-trade-panel" (paid version) and I cannot wait to try it out.

This seems to be really brilliant product - Simple, Well planned, Very useful and Effective.

Thank you for creating such a useful tool!

I wish you very successful New Year 2015!

Thank you and Best regards!


January 10, 2015: I bought "vr-trade-panel" two weeks ago and I found it to be simply brilliant tool for manual trading. It is what I expected it to be and much more. I am sure, with some further modifications suggested by the users, it would be even better and useful trading panel - Sam

October 11, 2015: I downloaded and started using the latest PAID Version 15.10 (08 Oct 2015). And I must say that this is even a lot better than the original version which was already a really good product. The latest version is completely re-designed and looks and works much batter. This is definitely one of the BEST MT4 TRADE PANELS.

版本 16.120 2016.12.22
1 - Made a stricter check of stop loss and take profit levels
2 - When the program is removed, the stop loss and take profit levels are restored and made visible
版本 16.70 2016.07.26
Fixed the behavior of the stop loss and take profit buttons.
版本 16.13 2016.01.29
The 'Account info' and "Symbol info' information panels, now the panels are done in the style of the trading panel itself and do not stop its operation.

Revised the manual input of lot size in all input fields, now in case the lot size was typed incorrectly as 0,23, the panel automatically fixes the value to the required format as 0.23

Now the user can choose the necessary tools and disable the unnecessary ones.
Also, the user can now disable the Limit and Stop order buttons.
Now it is possible to see the order's profit/loss in percents of the deposit by clicking the Take Profit or Stop Loss.

When attaching the panel to a chart with already existing orders and Take Profit and Stop Loss levels, the panel catches them if their magic number is the same as the orders have, or if it equal to -1. (In previous versions, the panel removed the Take Profit and Stop Loss)

Trading panel is optimized.
版本 16.12 2016.01.08
Fixed exceeding the bounds of an array.
(Previously, the error occurred in the trading sessions indicator and caused the program stop)
If trading sessions are displayed incorrectly, download symbol's minute history.
版本 16.11 2016.01.06
EA status label:
EA's own label with the program name and icon has been added to the top left corner.
When the mouse hovers the smiley face, a tooltip about the program settings will appear.
When the smiley face is clicked, the EA settings will be opened. (What needs to be done for the EA to operate correctly, the tooltip has two locales - RU and EN).
When the mouse hovers the clock, the program's operation time will be displayed. (This is done for the trader to control the PC operation time).
When the mouse hovers the mini PC, the information about EA configuration in the terminal will be displayed.

The information tool:
'Time', which displays the broker server time, the trader local time, time till the end of the bar (The color of time till the end of the bar can be changed in the program's 'Color End Bar Time = clrRed' parameter).

The 'Trailing Step' parameter:
Allows to set the step for the 'TrailingStop'.

Price labels appear when a line is selected, the price is now visible when the stop loss and take profit levels are dragged. The price appears if the line is active and selected.
版本 15.11 2015.10.28
Fixes in the Session tool
Previously the sessions could flicker sometimes, now their behavior is stable.

Improvement: the text of points in sessions now has the same color as the trading session color. Previously it was black and could be invisible against a dark background.

A new option to shift the panel along the X and Y axes
Parameters: Position X and Position Y
版本 15.10 2015.10.08
The program has been redeveloped from scratch.
1 Redesigned.
2 New parameters added.
3 New features added.

Sound issues fixed.
版本 15.2 2015.02.12
Deleting objects when changing a trade account.

Ability to partially close positions by take profit in virtual level mode.
版本 15.1 2015.01.29
1 - Tips
2 - Show the order management panel, for all orders.
3 - Show labels. The labels are not displayed now.
4 - Update lot when changing it in the settings.
5 - Delete objects when deleting the EA.
6 - Show and calculate the current profit. Previously, swap and commission were not considered.

1 - Tool for creating virtual pending orders.
2 - Added trailing stop for Fractal, Parabolic SAR and Moving Average.

To be implemented:
1 - Averaging orders.
2 - Trader journal.
3 - Chart log
4 - Trailings for High, Low of a few bars back and High, Low for a period.
5 - Strategy button!
6 - Trade stats!

Generating trader logs and sending push messages and emails.
版本 14.12 2014.12.22
- Push and Email notifications.
- Detailed logs.

- Stop loss for all orders.