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SAWA Framework EA FULL

SAWA Framework is the perfect tool for automatic or manual trading !

How does it work?

You can trade manually or use it in automatic mode with your own strategy. The expert advisor opens a position when all signals enabled agree on the direction of the trend.

It includes

  • 3 types of Money Management:
    1. Fix Lot.
    2. Auto-lot calculated with a percentage of the account Balance in risk.
    3. Auto-lot calculated with a multiplier of the previous position.
  • 3 types of Martingales:
    1. Disable.
    2. Enable adding in profit.
    3. Enable adding against.
    4. Enable adding in opposite directions in a range.
  • +30 indicators of 5 types with:
    1. Custom indicators.
    2. Trend Indicators.
    3. Oscillators indicators.
    4. Volumes indicators.
    5. Bill Williams indicators (With signals according with some of the B.W. Dimensions).

Information Panel

Trade Settings info:

  • Trade Type.
  • Money Management.
  • Martingale.
  • Stop-loss / Distance to average (add against) / Tunnel Martingale Range.
  • Take-Profit / Distance to average (add in profit).

Market Conditions info:

  • Server time.
  • Current Spread.
  • Average Spread of the last 100 ticks.
  • Stop Level: minimum distance to set the Stop-Loss/Take-Profit.
  • Tick Latency: Time in MS from the last Tick of the price.
  • Code Execution time: Time in MS that takes to the computer to read and execute the actions of the expert’s code. A good performance would be a value under 20 MS.

Current Exposure info:

  • Total Trades: Number of orders open by the EA ( Magic Number ).
  • Profit: of the current trades in account currency.
  • Break-even price.
  • Exposure: ( Long Lots – Short Lots ) .
  • Max Net Exposure: Absolute value of the maximum exposure according with the Money Management and Martingale settings.
  • Maximum drawdown: maximum loss according to the maximum net exposure and stop-loss. In live trading you have to count the margin requirements that are not included in the Maximum drawdownin order to control your free margin.

Input Parameters

EA settings

  • Trade Type: Auto Trade / Manual trade ( with trade panel ).
  • Allow Buy / Sell: for Auto Trade mode.
  • Close Positions Without Open More.
  • Time Filter to trade.
  • Max Spread.
  • Max Slippage.
  • Magic Number.

Money management settings

  • Martingale Type:
    1. Disable.
    2. Add in Profit.
    3. Add Against.
    4. Tunnel Martingale.
  • Max Trades: if martingale is enable.
  • Money Management (type):
    1. Fix Lot.
    2. Auto-lot Risk Per cent.
    3. Auto lot Multiplier.
  • Risk Per cent: for Risk Per cent MM.
  • Profit Per cent to close all.
  • Lot Size: for Fix lot MM.
  • Lot Multiplier: if martingale is enable.

Stop Loss Settings

  • Lock Profit: Disable / Trailing stop / Break even.
  • Trailing Stop / Break-even Distance (in pips).
  • Take Profit / Stop Loss Mode:
    1. Manual.
    2. ATR Multiplier (only available if martingale is disable).
  • Manual TP–SL.
  • ATR SL-TP Multiplier.
  • ATR Period for TP-SL.

Indicators structure.

  • Use Indicator: Enable or Disable the indicator signal.
  • Indicator Input Settings.
  • Indicator Shift: Shift = 0 will generate the signal in real time ticks. Shift = 1 will generate the signal at the open of the next candle.
  • Indicator Signal (if any).


Alejandro Funes.

Нет отзывов
Версия 3.30 2019.10.05
---- What's New 3.3?
Changed: N/A;
Fixed: Take Profit now adjusts to break even price on martigale mode 'Tunnel Martingale';
Added: N/A.
Версия 3.20 2019.10.04
---- What's New 3.2?
Changed: Deleted 'Percenrtage MM', 'Add in Profit' martingale,...;
Fixed: Take Profit now adjusts to breack even price on martigale mode 'Add Against';
Added: Autolotsize.
Версия 2.60 2019.09.26
---- What's New 2.6?
Changed: N/A;
Fixed: N/A;
Added: Timer deleted.