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Sword EA



Sword EA is an automated Expert Advisor that use a very specific method to Hunt Pips. You will earn up to 60% profit in month.

General Recommendations

The best way to use this EA is to use this optimum settings :

For the Optimum results, deposit 500 $ in Micro or Cent Account, Set the Starting Lot to 0.05 and run the EA in 08 Pairs. This Settings Allow you to Trade with secure and gain great Profit.

For the Ones with Account Balance that is Higher than 5000 $, use of 03 Pairs in standard Account. 

default settings is recommended..

Using VPS is required.

Input parameters

Use the default settings. 

  • Frame- Works in all frames;
  • Initial lot - initial lot is 0.01 but you can increase it by the growth of you account.
  • Closing Point - you can choose your closing point for taking profit. the profit will be calculated according to the highest lot X the closing Point
  • Take Profit, points - it's calculated automatically.
  • Distance- this will define the number of point that allows the EA to launch Another Order.
  • Reduce Risk After Order - if the number of orders is growing, the EA use this parameter to reduce the risk by reducing the profit to secure your account.
  • Starting/Ending Time - Choose the time that you want you EA to work to.
  • Micro Account Type - for the small account and if you use a Micro Account, you must activate it.
  • Closing Buttons - you can close All postions by using the buttons in the screen. this button works with the current pair.

Attention :

The recommended pairs are the ones with low spread.

In the News Time, it is HIGHLY recommended to stop the EA to ensure your security.

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Версия 1.1 2019.04.03
Fix bugs.