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Piramid Machine EA

Piramid Machine is a tool supporting manual trading, allowing for a radical increase in profits.
Principle of operation:
The trader must open the first position himself.
In the "Auto_size_position" mode, the robot will determine the size of the item based on the assumed risk risk "Risk_perc" and the automatically set SL level.
The SL level is defined as:
for position "BUY" = Lowest - V_BE_buffer,
The Lowest level is defined as the lowest level of the candle number "V_BE_candles_back".

for the "SELL" position = Highest + V_BE_buffer,
Highest level is defined as the lowest level of the set number of candles "V_BE_candles_back"
The "V_BE_tf" parameter determines by which TF the candles are analyzed.

The principle of the robot's operation is that subsequent items are added to profits. The distance between successive positions is determined by the parameter "V_BE_odr_distance".

From the moment of opening the second and each subsequent position, we risk only a profitable profit. This is because the robot selects the size of subsequent positions and shifts the SL for all positions towards profits, thus securing our money.

For all who downloaded the robot for testing.

Set "MQL5_backtester_mode" = false.

Only then can you test the robot.


  • Auto_size_position - automatic position size calculation mode,
  • Risk_perc - the risk percentage assumed for one position,
  • First_Lot - the size of the first position, if Auto_size_position = false,
  • V_BE_odr_distance - the distance between the positions added (in points),
  • V_BE_tf -  Time Frame according to which the candles are analyzed,
  • V_BE_candles_back - the number of candles considered for determining the "Lowest" and "Highest" levels. The current candle is not counted!
  • V_BE_buffer - the lagging distance of SL from "Lowest" or "Highest" (in points),
  • BUTTONS_Y_shift - moving the buttons, up / down on the chart,
  • BUTTONS_X_shift - moving the buttons, left / right on the chart.

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Версия 3.5 2019.01.20
New functionalities added:
- Global management,
- MA mode.
Версия 3.1 2018.12.19
Версия 3.0 2018.12.16
A new method (Direct Follow Mode) has been added, for more aggressive position pyramiding.

Версия 1.1 2018.12.10
Several changes in the algorithm have been made.