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Candles Pattern Scanner EA

This scanner is a tool used to support trading. Scanner searches on a wide market, in real time setups, created by mutual arrangements of candles (candles pattern).

Its basic features are: 

  • 8 implemented trading setups (it is possible to add further setups, additional versions of the scanner), 
  • the possibility of simultaneous scanning, all financial instruments available on the platform, 
  • the possibility of simultaneous scanning, in all timeframes available on the platform, 
  • the ability to manually from the level of the chart, open positions including automatic calculation of its size (depending on the risk and distance of the SL), 
  • sending notifications to the mobile application.

Types of setups scanned:

  • CheckHasEngulfing_Bull,
  • CheckHasEngulfing_Bear,
  • CheckHasHaramiCross_Bull,
  • CheckHasHaramiCross_Bear,
  • CheckHasMorningStar,
  • CheckHasEveningStar,
  • CheckHasHammer,
  • CheckHasShootingStar.

  • Predefined trading set-ups

    • Auto_select_pairs - if true, the scanner scans all financial instruments available on the platform. If false, the list of instruments should be entered manually in the Instruments tab;
    • Fixed_Lot  - fixed position size for automatic trading or manual trading without calculating the position size by SL distance;
    • Risk_perc  - percent risk accepted for calculating the position size by means of SL distance;
    • is_Trailing_Stop_Mode - if false, then Trailing Stop is not active;
    • TrailingStop - distance of Trailing Stop;
    • Send_Notification - messages sent to mobile applications;
    • Show_Alert  - messages displayed on the chart;
    • string Suffix - extension of the Instruments names;
    • Instruments - list of instruments that will be scanned if Auto_select_pairs = false;
    • Periods - list of timeframes, by which the instruments will be scanned;
    • alert_sound ="sound.wav";
    • SW_Y_shift  - shift the scanner buttons, vertically;
    • SW_X_shift  - shift the scanner buttons, horizontally.

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