Cherry in the cake specially for my customers. Urban Scalper

Cherry in the cake specially for my customers. Urban Scalper

21 января 2020, 19:05
Volha Loyeva

Friends, hello everyone. Someone already knew about the impending surprise, and someone reads this for the first time. But the main thing is that it is available to all, without exception, buyers of Urban Scalper . An individual approach is the most important thing in this with legal principles . Now to the point ...

As you already noticed ... Urban Scalper is a rather versatile system that can be adjusted to different strategies and different market conditions.

After updating the system, another strategy was added, which is discussed in this post.

Your attention is invited to a set of parameters with a yield of 4000% per year . But the highlight is not that these percentages were achieved in the conditions of my broker with a simulation quality of 99.9% , but that I will test and select the optimal parameters for each person who wants their buyer in the conditions of his broker and demonstrate the test results. Since the yield is incredibly high, then you need to approach this issue individually .

Click on the gif.

So how will this happen ?!

1. Advisor is attached a little lower, which you need to download and install in your trading terminal, to which your broker account is connected

2. Put it on the EURUSD chart for a few minutes and enable automatic trading. The adviser will not open orders, but it is necessary that he collect all the necessary information about your broker, which I need for detailed testing.

3. Then in the terminal press MQL4 -> Files - and there will be a file with the name of your broker. This is the information about your broker that I need. Send this file to me in the comments on the Urban Scalper Expert Advisor

4. A bit of expectations and I will send you detailed testing (possibly with changing parameters if necessary) in the conditions of your broker with the recommended set of parameters

US_config.ex4 18 kb
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