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Forex Gump Booster Scalping

Forex Gump Booster Scalping is a forex signal indicator. Shows on the Metatrader4 chart signals when to open trades to buy and sell. Also sends signals to the phone and email. EA works on all currency pairs and timeframes. The default parameters are set to EURUSD D1. But you can customize to any currency pair. The indicator will help you with this. You select the parameters in the settings, and the indicator displays the predicted profit / loss for the last 1000 bars. If the projected profit suits you, you can leave the settings. If the profit seems small, or the indicator predicts a loss, make changes to the settings by changing only two parameters "period" and "step". Other parameters do not affect performance.

How to trade with Forex Gump Booster Scalping indicator:

When the blue arrow appears, we wait for the candle to close. If, after closing the candle, it remains red, open a buy order. TakeProfit set 100 points (if we trade on a cent account). Stop Loss set at the bottom edge of the arrow. We can also use Trailing Stop instead of TakeProfit at the level of 100 points. With orders to sell all the same. When the red arrow appears, wait for the candle to close. If after closing the candle remains white, open a sell order. TakeProfit and StopLoss by analogy of transactions for the purchase. This strategy is very simple and effective.

Why Forex Gump Booster Scalping shows good results:

The indicator works on a new market analysis algorithm. We have not previously applied this algorithm in other indicators. Having collected enough information, we came to the conclusion that this indicator can be very useful for traders. It does not redraw its signals (after the candle closes), shows exact price reversal points and the current trend direction. This is very useful information that helps in trade.

Indicator parameters:

  • spread - in this parameter specify the spread of your broker. The indicator will take it into account in the forecast of profitability / loss.
  • period - indicator period.
  • step - price change step for market analysis.
  • bars - the number of bars at which the indicator is displayed and analyzes.
  • Signal - sending push and email notifications.
  • inform - display profit / loss on the screen.
  • ExtColor1 - color for painting candles.
  • ExtColor2 - color for painting candles.
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