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Scalping Modulator

Scalping Modulator is a scalping trading system. The indicator consists of several analytical modules. It automatically analyzes the market and shows the trader all the necessary information for trading. Scalping Modulator draws two trend lines on the chart. One line shows the long-term direction of the price, the second line shows the medium-term direction of the price. The indicator also draws red and blue dots on the chart. They indicate a likely change in price movement. In order to open a buy order, we need both lines to be blue. Then we wait for the indicator signal in the form of a blue square. For sales transactions, we need the indicator to draw two lines in red and show a signal in the form of a red square. For more details on the trading strategy with this indicator, see the video.

Indicator Benefits:

  • ready-made trading system.
  • Don't redraw the signals.
  • works on all currency pairs and timeframes.

Indicator Settings:

  • spread - indicate the spread of your broker here. The indicator will take it into account in the profitability forecast.
  • fast - period of the fast wave.
  • slow - period of the slow wave of adaptation.
  • bars - the number of bars on which the indicator will be displayed.
  • inform - shows additional information on the chart.
  • colors - the color of the labels.
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