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Samurai Scalper Pro Series EUR USD


Samurai Scaper Pro Series EUR/USD is an EA developed to run the EUR/USD on 5 minute timeframe. This EA uses machine learning applied to the EUR/USD over 20 years to determine the best points of entry and exit on the market. Its operating base uses a strategy based on the MACD indicator along with other trend indicators to determine the best entry and exit points. Numerous tests were performed based on the actual data of several brokerages, provided by software that simulates the market with 99.9% assertiveness, and also tests with the data provided by Metatrader. The tests were done over the last 20 YEARS (1999-2019), showing a stability of the EA through the variations of the market and the brokerage firms.

How it works?

This EA uses an advanced trend identification technique developed by me, which uses the MACD indicators in the 5-minute timeframe and CCI in the others, to determine the entry and exit points in the market. These input parameters were studied with machine learning in the last 20 years for the EUR/USD pair in the 5-minute timeframe, so it can only be used in this period. If the initial strategy does not work as planned, a second strategy is started using grid in order to keep the profit constant.

What tests were performed?

The tests were conducted using the historical data provided by Metatrader 4, as well as a professional platform that simulates all ticks in the market, using the real data provided by the leading brokerage firms (Dukascopy, Alpari, FXCM) with 99.9% accuracy. Therefore the results are consistent and reliable within the analyzed period, as can be verified in the attached images.

Which settings should I use?

Here's how the EA configuration is pretty simple:

  • Magic Number for Buy Orders: Magic Number used for Buy orders.
  • Magic Number for Sell Orders: Magic Number used for Sell orders.
Important: Magic Numbers for buy and sell orders need to be different to validate the strategy. If they have the same value, no order will be opened by protection.

  • Order Custom Comment: Custom comment that will be written at the order open.
  • Max Slippage: Maximum slippage allowed for opening and closing orders.
  • Max Spread: Maximum allowed spread for opening orders.
  • Debug Mode: With this mode enabled, some information is displayed on the chart. Used to support buyers in case of doubt.
  • Operating Mode: Operation has to do with the size of the open batches. There are 3 options:: Safe, Standard, Aggressive.

Note: In Aggressive mode the exposure to the market will be larger, as will the size of the open lots. Select the mode according to the balance recommendations of the next topic.

  • Machine Learning Method: Choose the machine learning method that will be used by EA: 20 Years/15 Years

Note: The 20-year method is safer and opens fewer orders. The 15 year method opens more orders but consequently leaves you more exposed.

  • Auto Lot: If the auto lot is disabled, the manual size must be entered in the Lot if AutoLot is Disabled field. The recommendation is that this option is enabled.
  • Lot if AutoLot is Disabled: Manual lot that will be opened if auto lot is disabled.
  • Maximum allowed risk: DD maximum allowed. Upon reaching this DD level, the orders are closed according to the next parameter.
  • Size(%) of the order closed after reaching the maximum risk: Indicates the percentage of open orders that will be closed upon reaching the DD reported in the above parameter. If the maximum value is informed(100), the orders will be closed completely.

How much money do I need?

Use this EA in accordance with the initial deposit recommendations below:

  • Safe Mode: <= $500
  • Stardard Mode: $1.000 ~ $3.000
  • Aggressive Mode: >= $3.000

Which broker should I use?

The recommendation is to use an ECN broker with low spread and VPS server. Remember that this is an M5 timeframe robot, and high spreads and commissions will drain most of your profits.

After the purchase, send me a print screen with proof that I will send you a link of buyers group on telegram, where we talk about strategies using EA.

Any questions regarding the operation of this EA can be directed directly to me, or you can ask in the comments session.

cavatine 2019.03.01 14:25 

Good results!! and the author responses fast.

I expect more and more success.

alphapoint 2019.02.21 10:53 

Showing good results in backtest. Now running in live account for 2 weeks and it working well.

V11.4 giving better profits using Setup- 15 years.

Sonthaya Butthayotee
Sonthaya Butthayotee 2019.02.20 12:12   

I just bought EA today, forward test and will update. ^_^

Moreno Dainese
Moreno Dainese 2019.02.17 11:44 

I backtest dicono 5stars 😄

RoboAutoTrade 2019.01.31 18:57 

This EA represents what most professional traders do: few orders and safe profits. If you are looking for exorbitant profits and thousands of trades a month, this EA is not for you.

Most EA's available here break buyers' accounts just by promising something impossible to keep.

For now I am satisfied with this EA, the author is honest and answers all the questions. He is always adjusting to make it better.

Eric Ruvalcaba
Eric Ruvalcaba 2019.01.29 19:56   

Very interesting concept, EA passes timeshift anticheat tests and tough market conditions simulations on backtests.

Aussie_Trader 2019.01.23 11:12   

Been on live account for a week but so far no trades? Seems a bit strange for a grid on M5? Will update as we go

Update: Author is very responsive and keen to ensure a safe and profitable EA. We hope for the best :)

Alex_B 2019.01.21 13:34 

First backtests look very promissing. Will test the new version 10 now and will run it on a demo account first. I will update my review in a few weeks on the performance of the EA. So far the author is very communicative and responsive :-)

Rating will follow after a certain time when trades are done.

Update 18.02.2019: Operating since 2 weeks with good results so far.

Versión 11.4 2019.02.06
- Made small adjustments in strategies.
Versión 11.3 2019.02.05
- Decreased text of the standard comment because the number of characters was above the maximum allowed.
- Increased default value of the maximum spread to 30.
- Added alert for if the spread is above the maximum allowed when opening the order.
- Fixed bug in dependency import.
Versión 11.2 2019.02.04
- Made small improvements in 20 and 15 years strategies.
- Added "Max Spread" option.
- Added display of the current spread in debug mode.
Versión 11.0 2019.01.30
- Added new option called "Machine Learning Method" with 2 modes: 20 years and 15 years. The first mode is the same as the previous version. The second is a new method of reading the last 15 years of the market, which opens more orders in the market and has some protection systems against false entry signals.
- Removed "Protected Mode".
- Made small adjustments overall.
Versión 10.1 2019.01.22
- Added Debug Mode
- Bug's Fixed
Versión 10.0 2019.01.20
- Added option to customize order comment.
- Added options for customizing Magic Number for Buy/Sell orders. IMPORTANT: Magic Numbers must be different for Buy and Sell orders. If they are configured with the same number, an implemented protection system will not allow any order to be opened.
- Implemented a risk management system with 2 customized variables:
--> Maximum allowed risk: Maximum acceptable drawdown.
--> Size(%) of the order closed after reaching the maximum risk: When the maximum risk is reached, the orders are finalized according to the value (%) specified here. If you enter the maximum value(100), all orders will be full finalized.