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Averager FULL

Averager is intended for averaging your deals that has had a drawdown or had gone against the trend.

  • The adviser can open additional positions on the trend and against the trend!
The system is identical to the averaging system created Averager for MetaTrader 4.
Averager - Full Description
An example of operation of the averager in an Exeprt Advisor in the MetaTrader 5 terminal: Exp - TickSniper.
Example of the averaging system in our TickSniper scalperUniversal trading adviser with the averaging function  The X

Note: this is not an automated trading system . It monitors your deals and averages them in case of a drawdown until you get a profit.

You can test the Expert Advisor in the strategy tester and trade with our EAPADPRO toolbar in visual mode!

How it Works?

  1. The Expert Advisor will open a position in the same direction after the specified number of points (Distance).
  2. The volume of the position is calculated as the volume of the previous deal * LotsMartin.
  3. Also the Expert Advisor modifies the common take profit for all deals setting it as "The point of zero line of all positions of the same direction" + TakeProfit points.
  4. Also it can modify the stop loss of all positions (if TrailingStopUSE = true) if the price breaks through the level "The point of zero line of all positions of the same direction" and goes behind it for TrailingStop points.
  5. The inputs parameters of the Expert Advisor include MaxOrders - the maximum number of deals for averaging.

The Expert Advisor works on the currency pair to which chart it is attached. For example, to turn on the averaging for EURUSD, open the EURUSD chart and run the Expert Advisor.

System Parameters

  • MaxOrdersOpen - the maximum number of opened orders, 0 - unlimited.
  • TakeProfitALL - total take profit for modification.
  • AllTradeTrail - Allow modification of trailing stop\breakeven\take profit for all trades, including the ones opened by user. On the given currency pair.
  • SleepForOpenbetweenLastClose - delay in minutes for opening averaging trades after a trade is closed.
  • OpenOnly1ofBar - allows opening only 1 averaging\additional trade per bar (depends on the current TF).
  • OrderToAverage - the type of orders. -1 - all orders, 1 - Sell, 0 - Buy.
  • MagicToAverage - the magic number of the orders, -1 - all orders.
Parameters of Averaging
  • Distance - distance for the opened grid positions for opening against the trend.
  • DistanceMartin - increase\decrease the distance for the next position in the grid. Martingale for distance.
  • StopLoss - stop loss for the averaging trade against the trend.
  • LotsMartin - volume increase for the grid of positions against the trend.
  • LotAdditional - additional lot for an averaged position against the trend.
  • LotMax - maximum averaging lot against the trend.
Parameters of Additional Opening
  • ADDITIONALDistance - the distance for additional positions opened for the grid - additional opening based on the trend.
  • ADDITIONALDistanceMartin - increase\decrease the distance for the next position in the grid for opening additional positions based on the trend. Martingale for distance.
  • ADDITIONALStopLoss - stop loss for the additional trades opened based on the trend.
  • ADDITIONALLotsMartin - increase the lot for the grid of positions for opening additional positions based on the trend.
  • ADDITIONALLotAdditional - additional lot for the additional positions.
  • ADDITIONALLotMax - maximum lot for opening additional positions.
Parameters of TrailingStop
  • TrailingStopUSE - use trailing stop.
  • TrailingStop - trailing distance, 0 - the minimum allowed.
  • TrailingStep - trailing step.
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    Comentarios 5
    Sammy Boy
    Sammy Boy 2020.10.28 11:59 

    Excellent work Vladislav! thank you

    Vasil lupanov
    Vasil lupanov 2020.01.16 20:01 

    Vladislav is perfect in every way !!!

    Tarun Chaudhry
    Tarun Chaudhry 2018.05.09 04:06 

    Definitely useful. The support from Vladislav is awesome as well. Highly recommended for every trader.

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    Free version with 5 indicators: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/57574 This version has 38 indicators, 5 from the free version plus 33 new indicators. There is a list with all the indicators below. I believe that development in PYTHON is easier and simpler to make an Expert Advisor or any other tool that helps you to make a decision when related to the stock market. So, I built a library in Python that makes it easy and simple to make expert advisors. It is possible to find it her
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    PipFinite Trend PRO MT5
    Karlo Wilson Vendiola
    Breakthrough Solution For Trend Trading And Filtering With All Important Features Built Inside One Tool! Trend Pro's smart algorithm detects the trend, filters out market noise and gives entry signals with exit levels. The new features with enhanced rules for statistical calculation improved the overall performance of this indicator. Important Information Revealed Maximize the potential of Trend Pro, please visit ► www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/713938 Test the demo version and explore its feature
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    Alligator modified
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    The indicator has standard settings. The new modification of indicator provides special marking of the segment when the moving averages begin to form a cross in one direction or another. The Alligator`s cross indicates that the trend is about to change. Modified Alligator helps traders to determine a trend on a particular timeframe even if the averages are intertwined and have a shift in the future. Direction of a trend is determined by a cross of the averages with a specified marking area on th
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    Predator EA gbpusd
    Alexandr Palkin
    Automated Expert Advisor trading on a strategy based on the breakdown of support and resistance levels. The EA has an innovative signal filter and adaptive trailing stop. Always sets Stop Loss and Take Profit to protect the deposit. The adviser does NOT use: arbitrage, martingale, netting and the like. Recommendations Currency pair   "GBPUSD". Timeframe : H1; Minimum deposit : $100; Account Type : ECN. Parameters Magic Number  - identification number of the EA order; Fractal Distances  - минима
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    Golden Bull Wave Trader
    Roman Gelman
    This EA is a unique approach to Gold day/swing trading. The objective of the strategy is to: Identify ideal and repeatable trade entries with high level of certainty Create a day trading strategy which doesn’t require a hard SL and TP Use alternate risk management mechanism instead Visualize and auto manage trades based on S/R A trade management solution that can be applied to any trading pair Please also install the free custom indicator:   FibonacciVPT https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product
    150 USD
    Babel Assistant
    Iurii Bazhanov
    Babel assistant 1     The    MT5 netting   “ Babel_assistant_1 ”   robot uses the ZigZag indicator to generate Fibonacci levels on M1, M5, M15, H1, H4, D1, W1   periods of the charts , calculates the strength of trends for buying and selling. It opens a position with "Lot for open a position" if the specified trend level 4.925 is exceeded. Then Babel places pending orders at the some Fibonacci levels and places specified Stop Loss , Take Profit. The screen displays current results of work on t
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    This strategy was learned from Stormer to be used on B3. Basically, 15 minutes before closing the market, it will check RSI and decided if it will open an position. This strategy do not define a stop loss. If the take profit reach the entry price it will close at market the position. The same happens if the maximal number of days is reached. It is created to brazilian people, so all configuration are in portuguese. Sorry Activations allowed have been set to 50.
    99 USD
    The Copier MT5
    Andrey Barinov
    This is a professional trades copier with easy to use interface and fast rock solid execution. It has some unique functionality which is missing in other trades copiers (see details below). It can copy trades between both MT4 and MT5 terminals in any combinations. Supports "One to Many" and "Many to One" copying modes. This product can not be tested in strategy tester. Please, download demo version here:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/36142 Version for MetaTrader4 is available here:
    99 USD
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    Fast Copy MT5
    Pavel Kolchin
    The program allows you to locally copy transactions between different MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 accounts in any direction and quantity as quickly and easily as possible, the program works on " Windows   PC " and " Windows VPS ". Any type of copying is available MT4 → MT5 MT4 → MT4 MT5 → MT5 MT5 → MT4 * For copying between different MT4 ↔️ MT5 terminals, you need to purchase two versions of   Fast Copy MT4   +   Fast Copy MT5 How the program works The program copies transactions between tw
    59 USD
    Virtual Grid MT5
    Vladimir Gribachev
    Utility for semi-automated trading. It uses invisible for broker dynamic setting levels for stop orders, stop loss, take profit and trailing stop. Suitable for working with any brokers, including American brokers with the requirement of FIFO. MT4 version of the adviser  link 💼 Telegram chat for questions and discussion: https://t.me/forex4up_chat Transactions can be opened using buttons or lines. In order for the adviser to open a position along the line: draw a line on the chart and rename it.
    50 USD
    TradePanel MT5
    Alfiya Fazylova
    Trade Panel is a professional tool for manual trading. Allows you to work with orders and positions in one click, making your trading fast and comfortable. When opening an order, it simplifies the setting of stop loss and take profit, as well as automatically calculates the lot according to the specified risk and stop loss size. In addition, the utility can work with virtual orders and accompany trailing stop orders, transfer SL to the breakeven zone, perform partial closing and timely notify
    50 USD
    KopirMT5 Full
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    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ You want to become a constantly profitable 5-star forex trader? ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 1.  Read the basic description of our simple trading  system   &  and it's major strategy update in 2020   2.   Send a screenshot of your purchase  to get your personal invitation to our exclusive trading chat The Trade Manager MT5 is the ideal addition for all  FX Trend  users which like to use a fully automated trade management. It detects your manually opened trades immediately and manages their stops au
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    Rafil Nurmukhametov
    The utility allows you to build different types of graphs: Seconds chart from 1 second to 86400 seconds Tick chart from 1 tick and above The volume chart Delta chart Renko chart Range chart Built-in indicators for volumetric analysis: daily market profile and market profile of the selected timeframe, Cluster Search Imbalance VWAP Dynamic POC, VAH, VAL the profile depth of the market vertical volume with various display options, delta with various display options, pole of the current and higher t
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    Yury Kulikov
    Cluster analysis of volumes is now available in MetaTrader 5! The YuСlusters   is a professional tool for analyzing the trading volumes. The cluster graph is plotted based on tick data. For the exchange financial instruments these are the volume, type and price of a deal. For the Forex instruments - the real or tick volume (depending on the broker) and Bid price. There are 7 criteria of cluster generation: Time interval, the criterion is set in seconds. Price range, the criterion is set in poi
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    Forex Trade Manager MT5
    Determination of transaction risk by calculating possible profits and losses. Precise designation of TP and SL levels for each transaction. These are the basic activities that every trader of financial markets must face with. The purpose of these calculations is very simple, achieving satisfying profits from FX transactions, with a minimum of risk. This is certainly the dream of each trader. This makes it difficult for new investors to take their first steps in this market.  EA Forex Trade Mana
    99 USD
    SMART Advisor
    Petros Shatakhtsyan
    This is an adviser for manual trading. Designed for both beginners and professionals. Advisor shows the entry and exit points. Indicates where to open an order, when to increase the lot, and when to close. This is an excellent tool for implementing such trading strategies as Scalping, Grid, Trend Trading, Martingale, Trading with levels, etc. The program uses indicators of its own design: - Current trend indicator - Indicator for determining support / resistance levels - Indicator for determinin
    380 USD
    OandaX 5 Download Manager
    Andrei Trukhanovich
    The OandaX product series is designed to display additional data on orders and positions provided by the Oanda FxLabs service. The OandaX Download Manager EA is included in the OandaX product series and is designed to download data for all OandaX indicators running in the terminal. To test your trading strategies and for historical data analysis, you can use free OandaX 5 Download Manager BETA . It is similar to Download Manager but provides data with a delay for a day. Note. The EA uses WebRequ
    96 USD
    Fast Trade MT5
    Alexey Valeev
    This trading panel has been developed for fast and comfortable operation of the financial markets. It is equipped with the necessary functions for manual and semi-automated trading. Due to the presence of the order trailing feature, trailing stop and automatic closure by equity, profit, time. You can use it to automate your trading system. All you have to do is open a position and set the parameters for maintenance, everything else will be handled by the EA. If you want to limit your losses, set
    50 USD
    Crypto Charts
    Romeu Bertho
    Cryptocurrency analysis has never been easier with Crypto Charts for MetaTrader 5. Just pick up a chart from bitcoin to exotic coins, choose your desired time frame and attach all your favorites indicators from thousands ones available at MQL5. Chart from Binance Futures,   Poloniex ,  Bitfinex ,  Binance ,  BitMEX ,  Bittrex ,   BitMEX Testnet exchanges! Make better analysis, make better tradings! Do you want to auto trade on BitMEX exchange? Please take a look at BitMEX Trading API Crypto Char
    65 USD
    Easy Trade Manager MT5
    Anoop Sivasankaran
    Thank you users for all your great reviews for the MT4 version - Latest MT4 Version 16 becomes MT5! July Version 1.3 Updated. Enter the Risked Amount or Lot size or % of Balance (New!) Drag the RED line on the chart to fix the Stop-Loss. Drag Blue line (New!) for Limit/Stop orders automatically ! Adjust TP1, TP2 and TP3 lines You are ready to Buy/Sell > Adjust the lines even after the trade Reviews - https://tinyurl.com/etmreviews Check the user video -  https://tinyurl.com/etmmt4ea Automatic
    40 USD
    Trade Management with Trading View style
    👉  DEMO VERSION  ,  YOU CAN DOWNLOAD HERE  👈 IF YOU HAVE PROBLEM OR ANY DOUBTS CONTACT ME | scazzimarco@gmail.com |   The first Buy & Sell Panel with Tradingview Style to improve your MetaTrader experience, with Dark & Light Style Calculate your risk in each trade with precision. Lots,% of the Budget, $ to invest. Maximum comfort in a splendid panel. You need to know exact-ly your risk reward ratio. Now you can do it with ease If You want download FREE theme Dark and Light  👉  Download here L
    49 USD
    Trading Chaos Expert
    Gennadiy Stanilevych
    Este producto de programa no tiene análogos en el mundo, ya que se trata de un "mando de control" universal de operaciones comerciales, comenzando desde la obtención de las señales comerciales, la automatización de la entrada en la posición, el establecimiento de stop loss y take profit, así como de trailing de beneficio de multitud de transacciones simultáneamente en una ventana abierta. Gestión intuitiva y comprensible del experto en "tres clicks" en la pantalla del monitor, permite utilizar a
    1 295 USD
    Mission Automate MT5
    Andrey Barinov
    This is a visual strategy builder . The way it is supposed to be. Turn your trading strategies and ideas into Expert Advisors without writing a single line of code. Generate mql source code files with a few clicks and get your fully functional Expert Advisors, which are ready for live execution , strategy tester and cloud optimization . This utility does NOT work in the strategy tester. The DEMO version is here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/30173 More information about the product, inc
    199 USD
    Tick chart generator
    Artur Zas
    Utility used to create custom Tick charts and provide real-time updates. This is an MT4 "offline" chart equivalent which is very simple to use. You can attach any MT5 compatible indicator or template to the tick chart and perform your technical analysis. Tick charts measure a number of transactions per bar. You can choose any number of ticks per bar but most traders choose Fibonacci numbers (1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233...). The generator uses tick data to plot the historical tick
    38 USD
    Infinity Trade Utility TL
    Evgenii Aksenov
    ⭐   ⭐   ⭐   ⭐   ⭐ Buy this EA gives you the right to get the second EA for free:     https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/740436 Only 10 copies for $125 (next price --> $149  --> $199) The Utility for managing orders in manual/semi-automatic/automatic modes by INFINITY TrendLine PRO indicator signals RECOMMENDATION Symbols     Any pairs: FX, Metals, Coins, CFD, Index Timeframe     M5-D1 Minimum deposit         1 00 usd  Promo of Month Buy One --> Get One FREE (Conditions here:  https://www.m
    125 USD
    CME Exchange margin zones
    Roman Vasilchenko
    The utility is designed to display on the chart the margin zones built on the basis of margin requirements for futures of the Chicago Mercantile exchange (CME). These margin zones are good levels of resistance and support, as seen in the screenshots. How to use To trade on margin zones, use the following rules: buy after the day has closed above one of the zones to the next zone; sell after the day has closed below one of the zones to the next zone; after opening a sell trade, place limit sell
    50 USD
    Stanislav Korotky
    This non-trading expert utilizes so called custom symbols feature ( available in MQL as well ) to build renko charts based on historical quotes of selected standard symbol and to refresh renko in real-time according to new ticks. Also, it translates real ticks to the renko charts, which allows other EAs and indicators to trade and analyze renko. Place RenkoCharts on a chart of a work instrument. The lesser timeframe of the source chart is, the more precise resulting renko chart is, but the lesse
    49 USD
    Trade Copier Global MT5
    Laszlo Tormasi
    This Copier allows you to copy trades between Metatrader terminals even when they are installed on separate computers.  Having both MT4 and MT5 versions of the Copier makes it possible to send trades from MT4 to MT5 and vice versa. Demo version:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/39290 MT4 version:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/19928 Only Hedging Accounts are supported! Netting Accounts are not! Features Fast execution (~1 sec,  depending on location/broker) Automatic symbol pre
    72 USD
    IShift Lite
    Yury Kulikov
    IShift Lite is utility for trading directly from the depth of market. IShift Lite allows: perform trade operations directly from the DoM with a "single touch"; easily move your orders in the DoM: automatically place Stop Loss and Take Profit; Place limit order as Take Profit; move position to breakeven; automatically move Stop Loss along the price; calculate the volume of an order depending on a fixed risk level or a fixed margin level. IShift Lite is primarily intended for high-speed and visual
    55 USD
    LT Trade Panel Professional
    Thiago Duarte
    Do you like Meta Trader? Nice, me too. Have you missed one or more features that could exist in it? Nice, me too. Annoyed by this, I decided to create the Trade Panel. This tool has two versions: Lite and Pro. It is literally magical. It expands, and a lot, the possibilities of your Meta Trader! It ceases to be a good program and becomes excellent (modesty aside)! Do you doubt? It is okay. Do the following: check out the images and also download the demo version and see for yourself! One warning
    40 USD
    Binance MT5
    Hadil Mutaqin SE
    Binance MT5 is a tool for Charting & Trading Bitcoin and Altcoin on Binance exchange from MT5 platform. Parameters Symbol = symbol name HistoryData = start time to download history data API Key = your binance api key Secret Key = your binance secret key Custom Symbol = to set manual symbol name *You should allow WebRequest from Tools menu >> Options >> Expert Advisors and add URL: https://api.binance.com/ *This tool cannot be run in the  Strategy Tester (Free demo is not available).
    200 USD
    Quantum frequency
    Sergey Pavlov
    Quantum frequency The indicator calculates the quantum frequencies using the current market data. The quantum frequencies are used in Spectrum analysis of automated trading systems to create quantum filters for selecting signals, i.e. skipping trades that are likely to be unprofitable. How It Works It analyses the trade results of automated trading system for each frequency (512 frequencies are used). Calculation of the frequency response to search for "profitable" and "unprofitable" frequenci
    850 USD
    Andrej Nikitin
    Panel for simplify trade operations. It contains tabs: InfoRisk   - helps to estimate the current risks of open positions and orders; StopToProfit - allows to change the Stop Loss and Take Profit levels; Traling - Trailing Stop of the opened position; PositionClosing - Closure of several positions; OrdersDeleting - Removes a group of pending orders; PositionAdding - Used to add (open) to the opened position.
    78 USD
    Emission of DCMV indicator
    Sergey Pavlov
    Emission of DCMV indicator Visualization of crossing of typical lines of the DCMV indicator allows you to see a picture of the market environment of the price. Emission can forecast and confirm forecasts, draw the support and resistance zones, show the intensity of the price movement. Many regularities of price changes are exposed to trader when using this technology. Defining market behavior. Searching support and resistance zones. Forecasting typical levels. Detecting trend changes in advance.
    1 250 USD
    Integrated Moving Average
    Sergey Pavlov
    Integrated Moving Average (IMA) It's an essential tool for a trader. It's the first analyzer based on the emission method [ 1 , 2 ]. Simple, reliable and easy to use even for a novice investor. In addition, the emission method allows forecasting a trajectory of the probable price movement! Your trading on financial markets will become more intelligent and risks will decrease. Instructions The forecast curve of the moving average movement LMAF (Line Moving Average Forecast) show the future price
    250 USD
    Alexey Pankov
    Alexey Pankov 2017.01.15 22:19 

    утилита рабочая. внимательно отнеситесь к настройке сетки

    laiSSS 2017.02.03 10:00 

    Присоединяюсь к предыдущему мнению - утилита рабочая и полезная.

    Tarun Chaudhry
    Tarun Chaudhry 2018.05.09 04:06 

    Definitely useful. The support from Vladislav is awesome as well. Highly recommended for every trader.

    Vasil lupanov
    Vasil lupanov 2020.01.16 20:01 

    Vladislav is perfect in every way !!!

    Sammy Boy
    Sammy Boy 2020.10.28 11:59 

    Excellent work Vladislav! thank you

    Respuesta al comentario
    Versión 20.955 2020.10.23
    In closing positions when using the CloseAveragingAfterCloseMainDeals parameter, added Print output to the log.
    Versión 20.608 2020.06.08
    Компиляция 2485
    Versión 19.981 2019.11.21
    Added parameter for rounding prices when modifying stop loss and take profit:
    RoundingDigits Number of decimal for modification.
    -Without rounding
    -To 1 digit
    -To 2 digits
    Versión 19.802 2019.08.02
    EAPADPRO update
    Versión 19.801 2019.08.01
    Data output in the STRATEGY block to the LOG log when EAPADPRO is minimized and closed
    Versión 19.729 2019.08.01
    EAPADPRO v31 Update

    Added information labels to the chart:
    When activated  ShowInfoAverager = to true, you will see the following information:
    1. Average = Display the average (zero) line from positions of the same direction. If you move to a label, then there will be additional information about the calculation of the average line!
    2. Next Average  = Display the next averaging position, which will be open in this direction. If you move to a label, then there will be additional information about the distance! 
    3. Next Additional = Display the next position of additional opening, which will be open in this direction.
    Versión 19.325 2019.03.25
    - Update EAPADPRO v27;
     - Added custom lot parameters in xx.xx, yy.yy, zz.zz format
    You can specify:
    LotDifferent - lots separated by comma for averaging;
    ADDITIONALLotDifferent - lots separated by commas for additional opening;
    Versión 19.225 2019.02.25
    Automatic detection of the minimum possible trailing stop if the parameter TrailingStop = 0
    Versión 19.203 2019.02.01
    - Added new parameters:
    DistanceDifferent / ADDITIONALDistanceDifferent: Distance of new positions of averaging (against the trend) or additional opening (to the trend), separated by commas!
    You can specify distance values in the format xx, yy, zz, aa
    xx - Distance in points for opening the first position of averaging / additional opening;
    yy - distance in points for opening the second position of averaging / additional opening;
    zz - Distance in points for opening the third position of averaging / additional opening;
    aa - Distance in points for opening the fourth and other positions of averaging / additional opening;
    You can set any number of distances.
    Versión 19.202 2019.01.31
    Versión 19.201 2019.01.31
    🆕 - Added multi magic:
    MagicNumber Magic number of positions (transactions) for tracking and accounting.
    MagicNumber Magic numbers can be specified separated by commas:
    🔘 0 - orders opened manually;
    🔘 123,345,147 - all positions with MagicNumber numbers 123,345,147;
    🔘 -1 - all MagicNumber, without exception.

    🆕 - Added new variables:
    🆕 CloseAveragingAfterCloseMainDeals - Close averaging positions (open against the trend) when the main positions are closed.
    The function will close the averaging positions only when all the main positions (according to the current symbol and magic number) are closed!
    ⚠️ Attention: The new function works separately for the BUY and SELL directions!

    🆕 CloseAdditionalAfterCloseMainDeals - Close additional open positions (opened with the trend) when the main positions were closed.
    The function will close the position of the additional opening only when all the main positions (according to the current symbol and magic number) are closed!
    ⚠️ Attention: The new function works separately for the BUY and SELL directions!
    Versión 19.109 2019.01.09
    Versión 19.107 2019.01.07
    - Added text hints in the settings of the adviser;
    - Update EAPADPRO v25;
    - Additional languages added to the panel: Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), German, Chinese, Japanese;
    The translation was made using the GOOGLE Translator + MQL + Terminal site!
    if you find an error in your language, please report it in messages. Thank!
    - Increase the speed of the panel;
    Versión 18.830 2018.08.30
    Averager Update EAPADPRO v 20
    Versión 18.731 2018.08.02
    Added new distance parameters for averaging and additional opening:

    DistanceAdditionalPoint / ADDITIONALDistanceAdditionalPoint - additional points to calculate the distance.
    If DistanceAdditionalPoint = 5, then 5 points are added to each following distance.
    DistanceMax / ADDITIONALDistanceMax - The maximum number of points in the distance.
    If, when calculating the distance, the obtained value is higher than DistanceMax, then the Expert Advisor takes the value DistanceMax.
    Versión 18.7 2018.05.04
    - Update for the information panel EAPADPRO v2.0;
    - Updated the operation of averaging;
    - Updated the commission calculation algorithm;
    - Added separate stop loss/take profit;
    TakeProfitALL - take profit to be placed at a distance of TakeProfitALL points from the average opening price of positions;
    StopLossALL - stop loss to be placed at a distance of StopLossALL points from the average opening price of positions;
    TakeProfit - take profit to be placed at a distance of TakeProfit points from the averaging position opening price;
    StopLoss - stop loss to be placed at a distance of StopLoss points from the averaging position opening price;
    ADDITIONALTakeProfit - take profit to be placed at a distance of ADDITIONALTakeProfit points from the opening price of additional position.
    ADDITIONALStopLoss - stop loss to be placed at a distance of ADDITIONALStopLoss points from the opening price of additional position.

    - To prevent constant modification of the total stop loss/take profit due to constant changes in the value of 1 point, the total stop loss/take profit does not take into account commission and swap.

    - Renamed the variables:
    MagikToAverage = MagicToAverage
    LotsMartinAverager = LotsMartin
    MaxLot = LotMax
    MaxOrders = MaxOrdersOpen
    TypeTradeBUYSELL = OrderToAverage
    Versión 17.977 2017.12.20
    The EAPADPRO operation algorithm has been updated.
    Versión 17.525 2017.05.29
    - Fixed the trailing stop error when there are positions in different directions.
    Versión 17.501 2017.05.03
    Fixed an error with position averaging when trading multiple symbols with the same magic number simultaneously
    Versión 17.224 2017.03.01
    Update of the "Averaging" block for the Brazilian market
    Versión 17.212 2017.02.20
    What's New:
    Improved EAPADPRO

    Added block for opening additional positions based on the trend:

    - ADDITIONALDistance - the distance for opening additional grid positions based on the trend.
    - ADDITIONALDistanceMartin - the distance multiplier for opening additional positions based on the trend.
    - ADDITIONALLotsMartin - increase the lot size of the grid positions for opening additional positions based on the trend
    - ADDITIONALLotAdditional - additional lot for the additional position for opening additional positions based on the trend
    - ADDITIONALLotMax = maximum lot to use when opening the averaging positions. 0 - disabled
    - ADDITIONALStopLoss - Stop loss of the opening additional positions based on the trend
    Versión 17.121 2017.01.27
    Fixed working with long tickets

    - Added the EAPADPRO information panel
    Details on the panel in our blog:
    or https://www.mql5.com/ru/blogs/post/687140

    The following data has been moved to the Strategy Info block:
    OWN Signal = Name of the signal + Timeframe of the signal + Reverse
    Current Signal = Current signal from the main indicator
    Filter 1/2 - Name of the filter 1/2
    Current Filter - Current signal from filters 1/2
    BUY Average/Lot - Next averaging in points for BUY / Next averaging lot
    SELL Average/Lot - Next averaging in points for SELL / Next averaging lot
    Buy Additional/Lot - Next additional opening in points for BUY / Next lot for additional opening
    Sell Additional/Lot - Next additional opening in points for SELL / Next lot for additional opening
    Average Price Buy - Average price for BUY deals
    Price Sell - Average price for SELL deals
    Versión 17.110 2017.01.13
    -Fixed error with the DistanceMartin
    Versión 16.995 2017.01.09
    Added the AllTradeTrail parameter - trailing stop works on a trade that is to be averaged as well.
    Versión 16.957 2016.11.11
    Code optimized to reduce CPU load.
    Versión 16.955 2016.10.31
    Fixed stop loss and take profit modification error.
    Versión 16.949 2016.10.26
    Fixed lot size error
    Versión 16.936 2016.10.11
    Added support for EA operation on hedging accounts. The EA can work on Hedging and Netting accounts!
    Versión 16.330 2016.04.04
    Fixed the error in the MaxLot parameter
    Versión 16.307 2016.03.11
    Changed lot calculation when using martingale.
    Increased the last lot of an open position at the last deal.
    Versión 16.226 2016.03.01
    The updated version for the stock market:
    - Fixed the error in the determination of the last lot, if the position was closed by several requests.
    - Added the selection of the order filling type - TypeFilling
    Versión 14.204 2014.02.05
    Removed the description of input parameters from the code.