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Greed GvGold MT4

Trending mathematical expert with the ability to work both on trends (default settings) and in the flat, depending on the chosen mode of work. The EA is independent of current market factors and will always work, everywhere and on most trading instruments, including indices, oil, gold, shares, etc. The essence of the strategy is this: At the beginning of the new day (default at 01-30) by terminal time, two deals are made in the same lot for the purchase and sale at a distance of the ATR volatility indicator for the last 30 days (parameter). https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/author/diman-f14

After closing one of the trades in one of the TP directions, the EA begins to build on the current trend limit and stop orders at the distance of the same ATR indicator. The number of orders is set up in the EA settings. When the entire grid of orders is put in place, the positions are closed and the EA waits for new days to repeat the cycle. Also, all orders are closed when the trend changes, determined by the periods of daytime candles for N-number of days. EA settings are very flexible and suitable for most traders. 


Standart - Choosing a mode of operation. If the mode is turned off (by default), then we are trending with the automatic switching of trends. If the mode is on, then we work in the flat mode of the mesh strategy of the previous version of EA 1.2;

  • TrendPeriod - Periods of work to filter trends with the automatic operation of the expert;
  • TrendTF - Timeframes for periods of work when the EA is automatically working to identify trends;
  • Change TrendLot - The value of deferred stop and limit deferred orders for the trend mode of automatic trading at a single trend change; 
  • Change TrendMartin - Lot multiplier value applicable to trending deferred stop and limit orders;
  • Max_Stop_Orders - Maximum number of limit and stop deferred orders under automatic trend mode;
  • Use_Parameters_Fixed - Setting up fixed settings in the block: FIXED. The default is disabled and the options are taken from the block: FROM ATR;
  • =====PARAMETERS=====
  • Max_Orders - Maximum number of orders in the grid for each of the directions to buy and sell;
  • FirstLots - The size of the first lot from which the grid of orders for purchase and sale will begin to be built;
  • Martin - The multiplier of the first lot in trendy and flat modes of operation;
  • CloseAll_on_23_hour - If this option is enabled, then all open orders will close at 23-00 on the terminal time;
  • Magic - Magic number to distinguish "their" from "alien" EA orders;
  • HourOpen - Opening Hour of the terminal order;
  • MinuteOpen - Minutes of opening a terminal order;
  • =====Fixed=====
  • TP_pips - Putting Profit in pips for the 1st grid order. Works with the function on: Use_Parameters_Fixed;
  • SL_pips - Putting Stop-Los in pips for a common grid of orders. Works with the function on: Use_Parameters_Fixed;
  • Distance_Pending - Distance between orders when building up orders. Works with the function on: Use_Parameters_Fixed;
  • =====FROMATR=====
  • ATR_Period - The period expressed in daytime candles by the ATR volatility indicator. Works when the function is turned off: Use_Parameters_Fixed;
  • ATR_coeff_TP - Take Profit on the ATR Volatility Indicator. Works when the function is turned off: Use_Parameters_Fixed;
  • ATR_coeff_SL - Stop Loss on the ATR volatility indicator. When "zero"-disconnected. Works when the function is turned off: Use_Parameters_Fixed;
  • ATR_coeff_Distance_Pending - Distance between orders when building up grid orders on the ATR volatility indicator. Works when the function is turned off: Use_Parameters_Fixed.
  • =====SIMPLEBAR=====
  • Period - The period of the bar's simpling to close orders in automatic operation mode;
  • useClose - Permission to close orders opened by the staple bars subject to filtering the trend change according to trendTF and TrendPeriod parameters;
  • widtch2 - The size of the font shooter of the simpl bars display on the graphics of the trading tool;

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Version 2.2 2020.04.30
1. The expert's work with the default settings for WTI oil trading (XTIUSD trading tool) has been optimized. WTI Crude OiL) with an initial lot of 0.02 for a $1,000 deposit. Current default settings are relevant for WTI oil until the end of 2020 for most brokers that allow microlots to trade;
2. The levels of Trailing Stop, Take Profit and Stop Loss, hidden for the broker, as well as the system of averaging open market positions to achieve the lowest drawdown during real multi-currency trading have been introduced;
3. The expert's parameters for working with metals and indices suitable for most modern brokers and dealing centers have been optimized.
Version 2.1 2020.04.17
1. Trend channels have been introduced, as well as automatic switching of trading on current trends;
2. Introduced additional stop orders on the trend, as well as hidden stop trailing;
3. Optimized settings for mesh scalping on the current trend.
Version 1.2 2020.04.01
1. Added a adjustable order opening option at a given time at the user's discretion;
2. Changed the default settings that are appropriate for most liquid instruments;
3. Fixed errors: When orders are opened during revots, the request will be repeated until a warrant is opened in any of the directions.